I’m not adding to the noise


In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, these are some of the steps we are taking at Ask H HQ to reduce the coronavirus related noise.



You may have seen my social media posts yesterday

I’m out

There’s too much noise out there, and I’m not here to add to your overwhelm or anxiety, or stretch your mind in ways it’s not ready to be stretched yet


People are taking to social media and their audiences to process their own personal reaction to the Coronavirus in an attempt to be transparent / real / raw / vulnerable / relatable… because their ultimate aim is to sell on the other side of this

I’m not game

That’s old hat marketing now let’s be honest… the world is changing at a rapid pace and online business is changing with it


Other people are taking to social media and their marketing lists to sell with huge discounts and promises of being able to turn your life around for you… because their ultimate aim is to sell now because they too are in lack, scarcity and fear

I’m not game

Luring people into panic buying is crass, rude, and unconscious AF… and it won’t work anyway


Some people are taking to social media and their networks to play into the blame game & victim status by lobbying the government, sharing false news, hyping the situation because frankly, they’re bored

I’m not game

The absence of social responsibility is one of the reasons we find ourselves in this mess in the first place…. and it needs to stop



I’m out

For now you’re not getting my thoughts, my ideas, my suggestions, my offerings, my insights, my downloads… or anything else you usually associate with The Priestess.

I don’t need you to latch on to me. Or anyone else claiming to have all the answers. I’m leading by example because no one else seems to get it.

Whatever you believe in… God, Universe, Angels, Source, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Mama Earth… he/she/they are asking you to STOP!

Just stop for a god damn second. Make it a minute. An hour. A day. A week! Whatever you can do, but please, for the love of your Self and all of humanity, switch off the news, your phone, the media, the noise…

And just be with your thoughts. Your Soul wants to come home to you. Please give yourself this space. 

I will be back.

But for now this is my only message, my plea, my hope for you fellow Soul….please STOP. 

My love always



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March 24, 2020