Truth bomb alert (this one will have you pondering for weeks, and instantly change your life… you’re welcome)

Ok babes, you ready?! Put this in your cake and eat it:

“The power of your experience is in your mind

The power of your reality is in your consciousness”


The first lesson in consciousness is our response to other people.

But first let’s back track.

You experience your world in your mind. Everything is processed in your brain. 

But your world, your reality, is created by something else. Your mind is secondary only to your reality. So what creates your reality if not your mind?

Your consciousness. 

Did you know there’s a difference between your mind and your consciousness?

Being able to differentiate between the two can be hard to articulate, but very easy to witness once you’re in one or the other.

We all react and respond to each other either in the mind, or in our consciousness. 

For example:

You order a new top online. Receive the order confirmation, followed the next day by the shipping confirmation, and when the top arrives, it’s the wrong size or style. 

You’re annoyed. Fair enough.

You email customer service who offer a half-assed unhelpful response.

You get irritated, and annoyed, you expect more, and you turn into a keyboard warrior on a poor unsuspecting soul who’s already have the life sucked out of them by a job they clearly have no passion for. 

Not your problem right? But it’s not their problem either.

What is your problem is your clear absence of consciousness. 


Example number 2:

You head to the grocery store at rush hour, there’s no baskets left, so you juggle holding everything you need in your arms whilst you queue at the checkout. The kid behind you bumps into you sending the contents of a container down your front. 

You’re FUCKING PISSED OFF. Fair enough.

The checkout girl does what she can to help and asks ‘is that OK?’. 

You respond “no it’s not fucking OK, I’m covered in vegan potato salad for fucks sake”.

Not your fault right? But not her fault either.

What is your fault is your clear absence of consciousness.

Doh again.

Am I asking you to be a saint?

No. But I am asking you to stop existing solely in your mind. The mind is too quick to hit the fight or flight mode activation button. 

ESPECIALLY when it comes to exchanges with other people.

Consciousness is the key to EVERYTHING you desire and more.

The relationships we project onto others through our responses to them are also the relationships we have with ourselves and with our money. 

So the next question… is your relationship with your money in your mind or in your consciousness?

Money Conscious people don’t get potato salad down their front.

Just saying.

Ready to get money conscious?

You do NOT want to miss my VIP day.


And no you do not have to attend live. There will be a replay. I’m only doing this once. 


(And I genuinely am only doing this once because my coach tells me I do way too much for you guys so I’m reining it back in… no more insane offers like this one ever ever again )

See you there!

Love always



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March 22, 2019