Combatting copycats and the rise of in-authenticity


This morning I raised some rather uncomfortable issues on my Instagram live (the replay is now available on IGTV and has already had over 3000 views). We talked about the rise of copycats in the coaching industry, and now copycats in the form of Priestesses in the spiritual industry.

Instead of naming and shaming, I explored why people feel the need to do this… and the answer is pretty damn solid and understandable.


People need a sense of mission and a sense of purpose.


When they can’t find that as an extension of their own Soul, they have a tendency to latch on to someone else’s identity and mission, but the result is frustrating to say the least because it typically doesn’t reap the financial reward.

This issue has been bugging me for months if not years, not so much because people copy me all the time, but because people struggle to achieve self-actualisation and self-realisation to reach that point at which they can truly and authentically be themselves and not have to copy anyone.

The majority of people who go through my programmes don’t have this issue, although of course there are the odd few who enrol in the programme but don’t actually embody the work so sometimes the effect of consciousness takes a little while to impact their reality… however, it’s impossible for me to teach the entire world how to achieve more consciousness, authenticity, soul-awakening, and spiritual mission in their lives. 


BUT, it is possible for me to teach you guys to do what I do, so we can all do this incredibly impactful work together.


Introducing: Becoming a Consciousness Creator

Whether you’re a stay at home mum, a hairdresser, or a 7 figure coach, being able to create consciousness in people is not just a skill, it’s an honour. I speak from experience when I tell you this is God’s work; the work of the Universe; the work I truly believe Source wants us all to do, whether we charge for it or not.

I had a beautiful conversation with a hairdresser client of mine, who said she wanted to learn this from me so that she could wake people up and improve their lives whilst they sat and had their hair done by her. She has no intention to charge more for her hair services, but she’s so called to do her Soul work, she knows this is one of the many ways she can do it, and by having my tools, guidance, understanding, scripts, templates, and even meditations, she’s now able to confidently move forward in her Soul-mission work to make the world a better place with confidence, clarity, and my support. 

What she perhaps hasn’t realised is that as she consciously contributes from this beautiful authentic soul-aligned place, she will naturally attract more clients because her energy will become magnetic for those who are ready to evolve higher in their consciousness. 


“This work” I have called “becoming a consciousness creator”


it’s available as an additional modular training within the Money Consciousness Method.

If you’re already enrolled in the programme you can add on this extra module for just £333!

If you’re not yet enrolled in MCM, you’re welcome to enrol in both MCM and the Consciousness Creator training at a discounted bundle price of £1444, and of course extended payment plans are available.

Becoming a Consciousness Creator is a live training with me which will take place in July 2020 , and you will have lifetime access to the replays. We have valued this programme at £5555 because of the amount of time you get with me, and because you will also be issued with a license to teach my world famous 11 Universal Laws. These are the fundamental laws that govern how humanity desires to live, love and work by, and are the underpinning for all consciousness work. You will be amongst the first people in the world to hold this license and implement this life changing work for your clients, whether you’re an existing coach / healer / hairdresser / human being doing good work, or just starting out on a new path of your own.


For me this is the epitome of Money Consciousness:


teaching you consciousness, teaching you money, teaching you business, teaching you the next level, and then teaching you how to create more consciousness in other people, including your friends, family, your clients, and all future people who fall in to your energetic orbit.

Make sure you check out that IGTV video and leave me a comment with your thoughts (best comment wins $100 FYI), and then head over to the MCM to get yourself enrolled!

If you’re an existing student you can get the “become a Consciousness Creator’ upgrade here:

And if you’re not yet enrolled you can get the MCM, and choose to add on the Consciousness Creator training if you wish here:

Until tomorrow

My love always




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May 23, 2020