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The way you achieve a Rich life is not how you’ve been taught.


Your rich life is not born of work. It is born of operating from the Rich Mentality.


You’ve been told your entire life that money and wealth works a certain way. But you can see from your reality, it doesn’t work.


You respected and believed the people who taught you a broken mentality.


So here I am, at the dawn of 2020, extending an invitation to you…




>>> An invitation into The Rich Mentality <<<


A three week immersion into the mind of the million dollar Priestess. The mind on a mission to bring the true meaning of Abundance back to Planet Earth…a mission which has spanned across many lifetimes.


A true rich life has nothing to do with money and possessions (although these are inevitable), and everything to do with your understanding of the Universe and selfless service.


The true Rich Mentality allows you to want for nothing, and experience everything.


If you still need money to feel rich – you will experience nothing but perpetual scarcity. It is the very act of chasing wealth that keeps you poor.




My intention for you throughout this 3 week immersion is that you never find yourself ‘needing’ money ever again. My intention is that you emerge in full understanding that your thoughts and energy, in co-creation with the energy of the Universe provide for you in a way that surpasses any number in your bank account.

We will have this done, dusted, and installed before the end of January!


The Rich Mentality is an embodied energy. So is poverty. And your bank balance is a direct reflection of your energy.


To access The Rich Mentality, all that is required is your awakened consciousness. Your choice to see beyond what you’ve been told, and elevate your mindset to one of true abundance. 


You are here to prosper, not suffer.


You have a right and a responsibility to abundance. You have a right and a responsibility to contribute. To uphold this, you need The Rich Mentality. 


Money is just energy and like all energy, it needs to move through the path of least resistance. Your mind is the most steadfast form of resistance there is. But you can change it whenever you want, it simply needs rewiring.

Until you believe, understand, and evidence that money wants to flow through you, you will struggle to receive the abundance you desire.


Desiring is not enough. Nor is manifesting.


And equally; financial strategies, smart investment plans, and even inheritances, won’t be enough if you don’t possess The Rich Mentality. It is truly the greatest wealth there is. The only wealth there is.


You will always experience a life of “not enough” until you fully learn and embody The Rich Mentality. 


There are millionaires in the world who live unfulfilled lives in perpetual fear of losing it all because they don’t embody the Rich Mentality.

But more common are the people who struggle to pay bills, become frustrated with their business ventures, and hate their jobs.


Richness begins in the mind. From here it blossoms into experience.

But ultimately we must begin with the filter that determines our perception of how we see the world… our mentality toward Money.


This is NOT a money mindset programme. Do not expect to simply bless your bank account and write cheques to yourself from the Universe. Nor will you be journaling about self worth and why you deserve to make money.


This is an education and an elevation. It is an awakening.

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My love always


p.s. class starts Monday… don’t wait!


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January 11, 2020