Can the coaching industry please just stop?!

You could be forgiven for thinking I’ve completely turned on the coaching industry in recent weeks – far far from it. I believe to my very core that a strong relationship with a good coach can provide you with an unmatched support in life and business. 

What I have turned on however, is the way I see so many coaches marketing themselves. 
I’m bored of the “here’s how much I invested in mentorship” as a marketing tool
Can everyone else see straight through this now? Who can honestly honestly say they’ve made the decision to work with a coach based on how much she spent on her coach?! What even is the messaging behind it? 

Let’s see if these expenses of mine work as marketing tools. If anyone needs receipts for “proof” I’m sure I can whip something up on Canva!

 Dairy Free Vegan Burrella Cheese: £4.50
 UK Lash Serum: £37.99
 Bentley GT Convertible: £190,000
 Bambo Organic Nappies size 4: £35.49
 School Fees: £12,000
 Ringo Parking App: £1.99
 Amazon: £578,345.27

… sorry someone please do the math for me?! How does my expenditure qualify me to be your coach?! What have we established from the above?

 I’m a dairy free twat
 My eyeballs are bald
 I like supercars
 My kid isn’t toilet trained
 My other kid is mastering the art of the mummy bank account withdrawls
 I’m subscribed to the matrix like every other poor sod who pays for parking
 I’ve got an Amazon addiction like most of the adult population

Spending a bajillion dollars on a mentor doesn’t tell me anything about what you might be able to bring to our relationship. In fact, you could even argue that if you need to spend THAT much on coaching and mentorship, you’re perhaps very unstable and clearly incapable of leading yourself, which ironically is the skill most of these coaches are claiming to have!

In my personal and not so humble opinion, the metric for measuring what qualifies someone to be a coach is a demonstration of their experience, skill and success in the particular area of life they’re coaching you through

So let’s see business coaches with a multitude of successful profitable businesses, and perhaps a historic experience of making mistakes, learning from those mistakes, and growing regardless.

Let’s see mindset coaches who are using their own skill sets on themselves to have really strong mindsets

Let’e see relationship coaches who aren’t trash talking men on the internet!

I’m not saying be perfect… I’m saying actually have experience, skill and success. I don’t think what you choose to spend your money on should be a metric for marketing. 

AND… if your only business experience is coaching other coaches how to coach and how to build their coaching businesses…. YOU ARE NOT AN ENTREPRENEUR (and therefore not qualified to be a business coach… just be honest and say I’m a coach who coaches coaches … actually yeh I can totally see why no one is claiming that!!)

This is exactly why we have people in codependent relationships with their coach, because both the coach and client are cultivating a mindset of “well I just need to invest more”, to the point of not even really know WHAT they’re investing in, they’re just addicted to the practice of parting with money. 

This is why you won’t find extortionate prices for the sake of extortionate prices in any of the Ask H courses or coaching packages. 

This is why you won’t find me or any one of my team claiming to be able to help you with something we haven’t specifically mastered ourselves. 

This is why we also won’t sell to you. We’ll invite you to consider options and observe opportunities. Daily. But we won’t SELL to you. It’s unnecessary and frankly, I think everyone’s tired of it (and have been for several years). I do not, under any circumstances, want our emails and DM’s to be a place you fear a hard sell. 

And to be honest, our combined skill set and experience speak for themselves! So if you want a mentor in your corner to support with all things business, entrepreneurship, spirituality, strategy, science, self leadership, intuition, source connection, energetic and emotional intelligence, pioneering, content, copy, selling without selling, money consciousness, amongst many other topics; here are your options…

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If you’re considering mentorship, ask yourself why. Get really super clear on what you want it to provide you with, how you want to engage with it and how you intend to make the investment work for you. Then, if we’re the women who align with those intentions, pick your package! 

Love always,