Brand New Guest Masterclass – Master Your Cash Flow

We’ve a little over 24 hours to go until we close enrollment on the MCM and the bonuses just keep on coming!! 

I could not be more excited to announce today’s bonus, this woman is an absolute angel and I’m over the moon that we finally have the opportunity to share her with you guys. 

For those of you holding yourself back because you’re worrying about paying all the bills or stressing about your outgoings, THIS is the bonus for you… introducing a BRAND NEW guest masterclass for 2021; “Mastering Your Cash Flow” with Chioma Njoku. 

Chioma is a lifestyle accountant, intuitive financial coach and cash flow warrior on a mission to help every Soul she comes into contact with prosper. She’s here to flip the script on managing your money by doing all the “right things” – i.e – cutting out your coffee shop runs, bringing lunch from home and cancelling your gym membership. This woman speaks my language, when has that EVER worked?? 

With a prosperity mindset and an easy to follow financial system, Chioma will show you exactly how to save for tomorrow whilst still having plenty today. She’ll prove to you how you don’t need anywhere close to 6 figures in order to HAVE money and that managing your money in a way that overflows with abundance is actually really easy. 

You just need someone to help you remove all the crap that’s been making it HARD. Ain’t that the truth?!! 

Chioma’s masterclass will take place live and is available to anyone who signs up to the MCM by midnight tonight!

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Love always,