So I just shared a reel on Instagram celebrating the capability of women, and the potentiality we have available to us when we fully step into our superwomen status… which became my own invitation to announce something I’ve been avoiding for a while. 

Things are changing in Ask Harriette land, for the betterment of ALL of us, and please know and trust when I share this with you, that I’m doing this FOR you, not TO you. I’m doing this for all of us, for a few reasons:


 To improve the quality of the conversations we have inside Ask H containers

To enhance the potency of the transformation that happens inside the Ask H containers

To model an even more evolved way of BE-ing and serving in business

To practice fully what I preach so I’m a walking invitation for you to do the same

To be the embodiment of continual growth & evolution for all of us

To continually be at the pioneering edge of building new paradigms

To set a new standard of potentiality for all women & Priestesses across the globe


We will no longer be offering “complimentary coaching” inside our free or paid containers, classes & courses.

Masterclasses, mini courses, & full programmes are for teaching only, and will no longer include bi-weekly or monthly coaching sessions with myself and Mia.

The only exceptions to this are M.O.R.E. and The Priestess Paradigm.

Here’s why…

When coaching is included in a group teaching programme, the potency of the teachings is lost and clouded by the perceived superiority of the coach’s capacity to answer questions in a way that render the teachings inferior.

AND, making coaching available inside teaching containers, also dilutes the potency of the coaching that takes place inside dedicated coaching containers.

I’ve been doing this for years, coaching & teaching, and being coached, and being taught, and I can SEE where and how the magic happens.

It’s the combo of BOTH doing the courses, absorbing the teachings, AND being coached in a 1:1 (or group if appropriate) capacity.

This is how the magic has happened, not just for me, but for every single client of mine who has utilised this approach, and has committed to both the teachings & the coaching for at least 6 months. Long term, close proximity mentorship, WITH all the teachings is a miracle worker.

When you have access to it all, the pressure is off for ONE thing to reap the dividends for you. This feeling of freedom is something so difficult to describe unless you’ve experienced it, but knowing you’ve got a mentor on hand for whenever you need her is the best mind-insurance policy in the world!

When you’ve got someone in your corner like that, and you’ve got access to ALL of their wisdom, so there’s no pressure on your time together either, it’s a GAME CHANGER!

So… I’m encouraging you all to try this recipe and see the results for yourself.

I am going to increase my 1:1 coaching rates but not until September 6th so if you’d like to lock in current rates, you have plenty of notice to do so.

>>> Here’s all my different 1:1 options from 3 days to 12 months <<<

BUT AND ALSO… you all know I don’t leave anyone out in the cold.

There are SO many options available for direct access coaching that we don’t shout about enough, so without further ado, here’s some shouting about some pretty epic opportunities which give you the option to use this miracle formula and see results before the end of the year. Can we get a hell yes Queen please?!


 Mia Burley 

– The Priestess of Presence, Managing Director at Ask Harriette Ltd, Head Coach (technically the Angel Coach), and writer extraordinaire!

Let me make this plain… Mia is NOT “second best”. Christ I lean on this woman for coaching more than I lean on my other coaches, who I pay obscene amounts of money to. Do you know why? Because I trained her myself, she’s been a part of the Ask H furniture for what seems like forever, and she knows my teachings better than I do. So when I really need someone to smack me in the face with what I need to hear… she quotes me at me. And honestly, sometimes it’s the most annoying thing in the world having another ME in the company (lolz), BUT, my God the woman is exceptionally skilled and ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS without fail delivers what I need.

Despite all that, she is half the price I am, and that’s ONLY because the company profit margins can afford it, and it’s in EVERYONE’s best interests to have either me or Mia in their back pocket. And I do mean that quite literally if that’s where you put your phone because we do all this coaching magic on telegram. If you tend to have your phone in your handbag then you can think of us as being in your handbag… is that weird?!

I digress.

>>> Here are all Mia’s different options <<<

There are more options.

The Priestess Portal

Is a year long 1:1 group coaching container which gives you DIRECT ACCESS to me every single Friday for a WHOLE YEAR!

Every Friday I come in to the Telegram group and coach everyone on what they need to be coached through. It’s personalised to you, it’s direct to you, it’s “1:1”, only your answers are delivered in a group rather than to you privately. During the week you’re immensely supported by the other women in the portal and through chatting and processing with each other you arrive at beautiful juicy questions to direct to me on Goddess Day (Friday).

The Priestess Portal is £10,000 for the year, and you can pay yearly or monthly so it works with cash flow.

If you now understand the power and potency of being able to access coaching in this way, go ahead and use code MIRACLE to get 50% off. Consider this a gift that will expire in ONE WEEK, on August 31st (I’ll send you a few reminders, but I suggest you move fast because there are minimal spaces left in that group. Keeping it intimate for obvious reasons! Only so many hours in a day, even on a Goddess Day!)

>>> The Priestess Portal <<<

And ONE MORE option for you, if you want something a little more frequent than every Friday, but aren’t ready to commit to long term with myself or Mia YET…

 The Sovereign Reign Mastermind

This is the final puzzle piece of the Ultimate Queendom Collection and is not a course or a class, but actually an 8 week MASTERMIND which begins mid October.

When this container channeled through me I was asking “what will it really take to teach women true self-leadership and sovereignty?”, and this is the container they invited me to create.

I KNOW now exactly how I’m going to do this through this potent & powerful AF coaching opportunity, but I’m not going to tell you the details, YET.

There’s so much power in leading yourself, and trusting yourself, to move into a space where you know you can be held and transformed, without needing to know all the details. That feeling of magnetic movement is something we all need to learn to trust. 

As an incentive, I’ve released spaces in The Sovereign Reign Mastermind for just £1000 !!! You will have access to me, and Mia, Monday to Friday every week for 8 weeks, in a group setting to be coached continuously, AND there is also a 1:1 aspect which is truly just me and you. No group vibes.

BUT, I’m not sharing the full details until the price goes up to £5000. So you’re welcome to wait (of course, we don’t do hard pressure sales), OR you can follow the magnetism that moves you and jump in today at £1000. The price is going up to £2000 tomorrow!

>>> The Sovereign Reign Mastermind <<<

For those of you who are coaches reading this, or in the service industry in some capacity, please consider how you can use this as a model for evolving and expanding your own business boundaries in a way that creates abundance for all. 

OF COURSE I’m mindful that some people might not like this. Of course I’ve thought long and hard about this and honestly find it a bit uncomfortable. BUT, that doesn’t mean it’s not the best thing for everyone. I truly believe it is. I truly believe this is how we accelerate the transformation of everyone in our Ask H family. I care deeply about the impact, transformation & potential that we’re creating together in our little corner of the internet.

And despite the fears… I do what I know is BEST for everyone. Nice and kind are two very different things. And nice doesn’t always move the needle. Kindness is seeing what is truly needed no matter how uncomfortable that might be. 

I share this with you, not to prevent negative reactions, (people will say what people will say), but actually to show you what making difficult decisions gets to look like in this industry… they’re still difficult, and we all still struggle! But you get to do it anyway.

And for those of you who aren’t in a service-based industry, I wonder what this sparks in you in regards to your own business model?

Boundaries are HARD, because ultimately someone will always feel like they’re on the outside. And that’s a hard reality to sit with as heart-centred entrepreneurs which I know most of us are. 

 But it’s not our job to please everyone. People pleasing is a trauma response.

It is our job to stay in true alignment and integrity with ourselves no matter what, take personal responsibility for the decisions we make, and not let the fear deter us from the things we know are meant for us.

 The world is tangible. YOUR world is tangible, it’s malleable, and changeable… and truly magical!

Please consider this your formal invitation to step into a life more magical, and a life that responds with expanse to your abundant dreams & desires. 

I love you!

See you somewhere!!

Harriette xxx

p.s. links again for ease:

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