Becoming a Priestess


With 38 years of karma wiped, and the Lunar New Year having just begun, it’s time for a new door to open, for some of you at least.

Have you had the call to Become A Priestess?

I’m searching for women to continue my work on a global scale. My desire is to mobilise Priestesses in Canada, in the US, East Coast, West Coast and all the bits in between, in Asia, Africa, Australia, and mainland Europe…. heck even Antartica… but I’m not sure my Instagram reaches that far, yet… perhaps one of my fellow Priestesses will make it happen.

I initiated as Priestess of Light in November 2017. It’s been a hell of a journey.

I became a High Priestess in 2018 when I initiated in a fellow Priestess but I denied myself for a whole year, only claiming my High Priestess status on my 31st birthday, April 2019.

2020 has a whole different vibe. It’s not about me. 

It’s about the women who will change the world. 

Those women have been written into Destiny for eons of time. 

Are you one of those women? Do you know know one of those women?

As High Priestess, I can and will train you up to become a Priestess in your own right, with all the spiritual gift, skill & deep understanding I possess.

It’s time to pass on my knowledge.

To date I have trained a handful of Priestess who have gone on to do incredible things. But there’s still not enough of us.

This is big work.

If you heard the call, if you’re hearing it now, if you’re ready to step up in a MASSIVE way, hit reply and let’s talk. What could you be the Priestess of?

My love always

Yours in service


High Priestess of Light


Posted on

January 27, 2020