Become The Thing That Eludes You

There’s one question that comes up repeatedly in all my containers. You’ve probably asked it to yourself multiple times, if not out loud to your partner, friends and mentors… and even after it’s been answered, it still niggles. Because this particular concept tends to elude human consciousness and our limited 3D perception.


How do you have faith when nothing seems to be working out?
How do you trust when you, well, don’t?
How do you believe it’s possible when so far the evidence only points to the contrary?

You Antidote.

You open up your perception beyond what the human mind can comprehend.

You learn to see the things that aren’t there – and the minute you do, you realise they were actually there all along!

You discover that your beliefs are completely irrelevant. Suddenly everything and anything is possible (and you saved yourself a whole load of future work on beliefs).

This brand new programme is The Antidote to the illusion of power and money. It goes above and beyond anything I’ve ever taught before and even has me retracting the one thing I’ve been preaching for my entire coaching career; money is not energy, it’s something else entirely. Just as the Law of Attraction became outdated and became the Law of Co-Creation, one of my 11 Universal Laws, the notion that money is energy has also become outdated.

You don’t need to become an energetic match for it – and trying is holding you back.

You don’t need to be the path of least resistance – and trying is holding you back.

You don’t need to be constantly working on your relationship with money – and trying is holding you back.

None of it is necessary, in fact, it’s just keeping you trapped in the matrix. Trapped in a perception too narrow to embody trust and faith to the level that you are naturally capable of.

When you take The Antidote, you no longer have to hold the faith, you ARE the faith.

We start this week.

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Love always,