Awwwwhhhhh HELL NO!!

Bet this is far too familiar for your comfort….

My manifestation: working it’s way through the energy bodies…

7th energy body: oh hi there, before you pass through here, here’s all the reasons you won’t reach the finish line:

  • you’ve done it once before, therefore it’s not repeatable 
  • you haven’t done even work towards it
  • here’s examples of all the times you’ve failed
  • the world has changed
  • you’re asking for too much
  • you’re not worthy
  • here’s more examples from the past of how this is true

8th energy body: shit, 7 has a point, and now I have all this power that i’m going to have to give away

  • hey person from my past, you want some of my power?
  • hey you, random person on the tv, you want some of my power?
  • oooh government, i know you’ll take some of my power!
  • mom, you’re always a good person to give power to
  • husband… yay let’s have an argument so I can give more power to you!

oh phew, released all that power i was carrying around, now there’s no power to give to that manifestation that was trying to get through 7

9th energy body: you know I had this guys right? just a bit more patience and perseverance and I’d have handed it over to 10 for completion?

8th energy body: 😳

7th energy body: 🥺

ME: Can you lot just sit the heck down a moment whilst I think?!

Also me: Manifestation, do you still want to complete?

Manifestation: Duh.

Me again: 7, sit down. 8, power up. 9, i’m ready for you, do your thing!

10th energy body: Oh hey manifestation, what took you so freaking long?!

Manifestation: Ask the human… she’s still learning how to use the energy bodies as gateways and allies, rather than enemies.

10th energy body: When are they all going to realise this shit is easy with the right knowledge?


Also if you have no clue what i’m talking about, get yourself up to speed, stat.

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