Awakening – the next level in the 4 year



You’ve probably heard me say it a thousand times… 2020 is the year of 4, the year of selfless service.

If you’re doing my numerology trainings you’ll already know and understand the deeper depths of the energy of 4.

4 is the judge, the neutral mind, and the guidance of our arch angels and ascended masters. 

To truly be in selfless service we must free ourselves from judgement of self, and the judgement of others. We must allow ourselves to be guided by Source, to listen to and obey our intuition, and harder still, we must operate from the neutral mind.

The neutral mind is a place free from judgement and free from ego where Source can speak to us freely inside our own physical bodies (sometimes as audible instruction, sometimes visual, and sometimes just a sense).

When we live in neutrality we operate from a place of peace without emotional bias or attachment to anyone or anything. We don’t react, we don’t spiral, we don’t fall out of alignment. Instead we walk the tightrope of 3D and 5D with the effortless ease, grace and flow of a Priestess 😉

I want to invite you into that space of awakened neutrality from which you can co-create a life truly of your own design.

I won’t shut up about the energetic shifts happening at the moment, commonly referred to as the Coronavirus pandemic, but equally I won’t shut up about opportunities for you to become your best self and live your best life, because the former is actually creating the latter.

If you’re currently locked in at home with nothing but time on your hands, and perhaps the voice of anxiety bending your ear, and your energy, perhaps consider filling that space with a little Priestess Light in your life, and seize the opportunity to eradicate fear and scarcity from your life for good.

If you’re not locked in but witnessing the chaos around you and wondering what blessing is coming for you in all this chaos, stop wondering and start receiving… invite a little Priestess Light into your life, and collapse the time that exists between where you are now and where you’re Destined to be.

I have lovingly and intuitively designed Ask Harriette Land as a place which can serve all people at all stages in their life and business, whether we’re facing global disease, economic fallout, political breakdowns, or issues much closer to home. There’s an opportunity for everyone to become their best selves and live their best lives here. 

There’s a free support group where you can receive help and guidance on every single topic of life and business: Ask Harriette Soul Support Squad.

We have a £44 do-it-at-home course on the 11 Universal Laws which serves as the foundation for all of the work we do here at Ask H HQ.

There’s also a manifestation & money training which you can do on your own time too, called Desire, Decide, Done.

You can hire me, or Mia, as your 1:1 coach… or you can join the Ask H mastermind, or pods. We’ve even got containers for you to train as a Priestess yourself.

We can fix your money, your mindset, & your business. We can awaken your consciousness, your Soul purpose, your unique Light. We manifest relationships, careers, and a lifestyle truly of your own design.

And it all comes from a place of selfless service.

We’ve mastered neutrality. 

We don’t pander to fear, or ego bullshit, or negative narratives which don’t support your desires.

We’ve mastered support systems, teaching & sharing.

We don’t hide anything, or create more smoke and mirrors. We put everything on the table and support you in every way we can at a financial level you’re comfortable (ish) at.

It’s currently the only coaching, teaching & mentorship company in the world headed up by a High Priestess. It’s one of the reasons we’re so successful. We tie strategy, science, and spirituality together in an enlightened, conscious and abundant way!

Curious to find out how we can help you? Get a completely unbiased, neutral, and Soulfully-serving perspective from the team at Ask H:

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My love always



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March 16, 2020