Quotes from Game of Thrones we all need to hear!

Happy Friday angels!!



Hope you’ve had a glorious week… perhaps a little wobbly as we shifted into Pisces season. If you haven’t been sleeping recently don’t worry, you’re not the only one. There’s been some huge shifts in the cosmos. It’ll pass. 


So, lockdown 3 has had my husband and I searching for more series to watch on Netflix in the evenings, as we’re not going out anywhere, and we settled upon watching Game of Thrones (again). 


It’s not often I lift movie quotes as inspo for emails but these two particularly stood out to me:


“To lead you must learn to follow”




“Loyal service requires hard truths” 


Truthfully leadership is a hard gig, and with the shifting energies recently, I’ve noticed a lot of victim consciousness surfacing. Ironically (or perhaps not), our first guest speaker of 2021 inside School of Mastery, Rachael Te Wano, will be delivering a masterclass on victim consciousness, amongst other things. Trust me it’s needed. 


In conversation with a fellow coach this morning, Suzy Ashworth, she also observed and reflected to me how many are showing up in “child victim consciousness”. 


Children, victims, & the unconscious aspects of the human are quite hard lead. Typically they are very attached to their status and are in no hurry to shift or alchemise. They avoid, blame, attack, ignore, shout, sulk, insult, withhold themselves, pass over responsibility, and keep themselves locked in to their position. 


If you’ve got someone in your life behaving like this at the moment, just consider the energies in the cosmos may be bringing up stuff for them that’s very uncomfortable to deal with, and be kind!


You’ll have noticed from my own personal shares this week, I’ve confronted domestic abuse, my own dishonesty, the absence of integrity in our industry, the disapproval of others, enforcing boundaries which were greeted with animosity, the fear of not being liked, and having to stand alone.

All of these things have been dragged up from my shadows to be dealt with in order to elevate me into my next level. Easy (or easier) for someone who has been doing this work for over a decade, but not so easy for those who are completely unaware, or early on in their journey of self-healing and self-discovery (age does not come into this FYI).


To lead in these realms, you must learn to follow. Learn to follow your own triggers, wounds and traumas. Learn to understand your own emotions so you can hold compassion for the emotions of others. And learn to accept the projections, reactions, and wounds of others as they are shown to you, rather than allowing them to trigger you and exacerbate the situation. 


Easier said than done, I know, but something we will be covering in some depth in the Pisces Season training inside School of Mastery (scheduled for March 1st). 


And then…. loyal service requires hard truth. Well!! When that one dropped on me, I had a moment for sure ?


As High Priestess of Light, I live in service to the reacquisition of abundance for all on Planet Earth. I serve the collective, the collective conscious & unconscious, the Light and the shadow, the human and the Divine. I serve to bring about oneness, equality, unity, and the balance of masculine and feminine energies. I serve to make people rich… both materially and spiritually. 


Sometimes this means I have to say and do things other people don’t like.
It means tipping the apple cart, lighting fires, creating boundaries (as per last email) & speaking hard truths. 


Sometimes it means triggering the crap out of people, intentionally and unintentionally (my least favourite part of the job). It means being an unapologetic and unwavering mirror for those who’d rather just smash me over the head with said mirror. 


Loyal service and hard truths come with a price. As does leadership. It’s a price I’m willing to pay. 


The biggest price most of us have to pay when we do this inner work, is the cost of putting our egos to one side. That’s a big ask of most people. But when we put our egos to one side, we open ourselves up to purer energies, and Divine work. 


The purer the energy, the greater the abundant reward… and yes the Universe really does pay us to be better humans. Not heard me say that before?


You are not paid by people, or clients, or employers. You are paid by the Universe (through any means, relative or otherwise) when you show up as the Soul you were always meant to be. 


Loyal service, hard truths, and leadership with humility pay HUGE dividends. 


I’d love to show you how. Doors to my School of Mastery open on MONDAY!

Keep your eyes peeled, and have a beautiful weekend. 


My love always