Are you willing to do whatever it takes?


There’s two types of people in this world 

Those who are willing, and those who aren’t. 

The willing show up for their damn selves, put on the big girl pants, look fear in the face, and say “Fuck it, ima do it anyway”.

The non-willing shy away from anything that makes them uncomfortable, prefer to blame others for their reality, and say “this is my life and it sucks”.

The difference?

One has the makings of consciousness. The other doesn’t. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out who’s who!

Personal responsibility is a part of the Money Consciousness Method I teach – the willingness & discipline necessary to push past resistance and into constant ‘conscious streaming’.

Desiring something, and actually DOING something about your desires are two very different things. We can’t define ourselves as truly money conscious until we’ve taken the necessary action to move ourselves towards that goal – a goal that we all share FYI – financial freedom (however that looks for you).

It is not bad to desire financial freedom. Actually it’s a necessary part of the human design (more on that another time). 

The last 6 days I have delivered some seriously mind-blowing, life-altering trainings on a variety of Money Consciousness topics, completely for FREE.

If you haven’t caught up yet, you can catch all those trainings in one place right here. 

I’ve done my bit. I’ve shown up, with ma big girl pants, and delivered unfiltered truth and consciousness from a place of willingness. 

Now it’s your turn to reciprocate that energy and do your bit to expand on the growth you’ve started in the last few days just by allowing me into your inbox. 

It’s time for you to get truly Money Conscious babe. Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

How much does that financial freedom goal mean to you? I’m betting a lot.

Which is why I want to help you achieve it.

Make sure you grab all of these free trainings before they disappear. They will truly change your life!

Are you willing to do whatever it takes? I know you can. 

>>> You’re right H, I’m in! <<<

My love always



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June 5, 2019