Are you ready for wealth from within?


This is word for word what came through in my channeled journal writing this morning:

Me (to them):

Dearest Universe, 

So the sands stop shifting today and we settle into a new reality and future. Now what?

Them (to me):

Now you change the world Harriette

Create Rich minds

Build magical forces

Mobilise the Priestess magic all over the world

It’s the power of the collective consciousness that will change the world and change the face of humanity forever. 

They need to know they’re going to be OK. They need to know if they tap in then they are ALL THE WAY IN. 

Give them love, and support. Listen, and then teach. 

Show them how your mind works. Teach them how to do the same. 

Then let them fly on the wings of independent Richness.

Set them free from their fears and anxiety. 

Teach them the true meaning of abundance. 

80 people isn’t enough but it’s a start. 

If you desire more, we’ll help you make that happen. 

Are you ready to be known as the one who frees minds?

Are you ready to be known as the one who teaches Wealth from Within?


H xxx (this was my higher self speaking by this point)

Obviously my Soul reaction in this magical moment of Divine channel was YES I’m ready, I accept the charge, I’ll teach and mobilise even more people with the Rich Mentality. I will free them from their money worries completely. I will teach them Wealth from Within. 

Now my ego is having a shit fit reanalysing everything Spirit said and blah blah blah… ?but she’s doing it quietly in a corner where she can’t impact you and I, because I choose to operate from The Rich Mentality.

So far this year (in just 23 days) the Rich Mentality has facilitated the following for me:

  • Upgraded my mum and dads flights back from Australia from business to first so they could join Stephen, Ostara and I, in the ultimate luxury in the first class apartments (this was a free upgrade by the way)
  • Manifested £112,000 out of fresh air, literally, in response to my accountants request for tax purposes
  • Received FOUR stunning bouquets of roses (in 3 weeks)
  • Took 2 days off ‘work’ so I could retreat to Glastonbury to write my book with zero distractions
  • Manifested dream caterers for our engagement party with just 3 days notice for half my intended budget
  • Finalised all our wedding suppliers off the back off one wedding fair (because I decided they were all going to be there to save me having to search)
  • Got to teach the Rich Mentality LIVE to an incredible classroom of ready Souls
  • Pulled off an incredible Rich Mentality launch with what feels like zero effort


In just one week, our Rich Mentality students have achieved the following:

  • Biggest ever pay check
  • Four figure ‘surprise’ cheques in the mail
  • Free hotel upgrades
  • Stress free travel
  • Completely eradicating anxiety
  • Having everything be easy and effortless
  • Unexpected support in abundance
  • First clients in to business
  • New money blocks revealed even after years of doing money mindset work
  • Elimination of money worries
  • Improved sleep
  • Deeper connection to Spirit / Source


The Rich Mentality overflows into every area of your life. And I know you want me to solve your money troubles for you. The Rich Mentality does this, yes, but it also does SO MUCH MORE.

We’re so inspired by the impact this work has had on us at Ask H HQ, and the impact it’s had on the students already going through the work, we included a 100% money back guarantee AND TWO extended payment plans, so you can choose what works best for you.

And honestly… IF it doesn’t work… we will give you your money back. 

I’ve never been more confident in something I’ve taught in my entire life. It’s taken me 31 years to master this stuff. Don’t let it take you that long. The Rich Mentality can be fully embodied within 40 days, and if the current class is anything to go by, it can happen in just 7 days!

I won’t be teaching this class again until 2021 (and I couldn’t tell you exactly when that will be either).


Spirit is right. 80 of you isn’t enough. There’s over 11,000 of you receiving this email. There’s over 150,000 of you reading this on social media.

Spirit was also right when she said it’s the power of the collective that makes this stuff work. The more of you are in that classroom, the greater the impact. Tell your friends, tell your family, forward this email, share how powerful it is. Join us. Bring your tribe. Let’s do this together.

It’s time to experience True Richness… Wealth from Within.

Door close in 13 hours!

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Love always




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January 23, 2020