Are you ready for the inevitable?

What a day. ❤️  Whatever day you’ve had or are having, whether you were present for today’s installment of Legacy or not, I want you to take a pause where you are right now, place your hand on your heart, take one huge breath and sink into deep gratitude for everything you have right now.

Everything you have was once everything you wanted. 
Which means everything you still want, can be held in that space too. 

It’s ok to want M.O.R.E. It’s actually necessary. Vital to your Legacy and the fullest expression of you. The you that’s always evolving, growing, learning and expanding. 

Even when you question your desires, they don’t go away, because they’re meant to be expressed and realised. 

The questioning is ok too. Because nothing comes from everything, and everything comes from nothing. You are the sum of all your parts and a fresh clean slate at the same time. You are paradoxical by nature and that’s exactly what makes this little Earth mission so damn exciting, it’s exactly what makes you wired for M.O.R.E. 

As you move forward each day, shedding distractions, leaving behind the parts of you that were asleep and the physical mirrors of versions of you that no longer exist, you become nothing and everything all at the same time. You hold less to create M.O.R.E. 

Death happens everyday. 
Re-birth happens everyday. 

They are very indifferent, sometimes multiple occurrences that happen in a whole manner of different ways, that our Western culture has attached a meaning to so the beauty of them goes unnoticed. Attaching meaning to anything denies them of their own truth. It coats them in a filter of narratives that become lost in translation and the real gift of them vanishes. 
We avoid endings at all costs. We believe endings equal pain and our desire to not feel pain is so great that you end up spending most of your life creating routines and practices to avoid the unavoidable, when all they do is ensure you avoid the inevitable. 

The inevitable is M.O.R.E. 

Endings and beginnings in the same space. 
Everything and nothing in the same arena. 
Gratitude and desire in the same breath. 

You have the power to hold everything you’ve ever created and yet completely reset, alchemise, re-write or change direction at any moment. 
You can change the meaning given to something so that it serves an entirely different purpose. You get to play with the illusion in front of you and make the light hit a different angle and become something else entirely.

Nothing. And everything. 

Doesn’t that set you free? 

The doors to M.O.R.E are now open. A 6 month journey to embody conscious abundance and create more of what you truly desire. 

⭐️ 12 teaching modules with Harriette
⭐️ 12 collective coaching sessions with me (Mia)
⭐️ 6 Q&A sessions with Harriette
⭐️ 6 collective healing sessions with me 
⭐️ A community led support group for the full 6 months. 

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Please do book a call with either me or Clare if you want to talk to us about taking this very special leap of faith. 

With love, and to your radiance, 
(Head Coach)