Are you ready for M.O.R.E money?

Too often I see incredible women, with powerful Soul’s and world changing missions still putting themselves in a cage built from their own unhelpful money beliefs. 


Women who leave the corporate world, determined to create their own business to give them time freedom, money freedom and expressive freedom, only to put themselves under the exact same limitations they experienced working for someone else. 


I can’t take a holiday, there’s too much to get done. 
I can’t pay myself that much, I only worked a couple of days this week. 
I can’t hire a team, my cash flow is too inconsistent. 
I can’t start a family right now, I need to get this right first. 
No-one can do it like me, so I have to do it all myself. 


The sense of expansion and freedom felt when you decided to go it alone and live by your own rules is quickly squashed by making your expansion conditional. Those conditions come from beliefs you hold about money and worth that need to be entirely eliminated from your physical vessel.  


Money is just energy. And like all energy it needs to flow through the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance is YOU. When you’re being truly money conscious that is. 


Tying your worthiness to be paid to how productive you can be isn’t conscious. 
Refusing to take down time when you need it, or just want it, isn’t conscious. 
Denying your desires because you’ve decided you need some arbitrary prerequisite to them isn’t conscious. 


This likely isn’t news to you. You’ve probably been at the money mindset work for a while now, there’s nothing like starting up your own business to show you ALL your limiting beliefs. But, money mindset only takes you so far, it only deals with the cerebral understanding of beliefs and how to re-wire them. It’s important work, but if you really want to fly, you need to take it to embodiment. 


That happens with money consciousness. 


Money mindset work will have you forcing behaviour changes and repeating daily mantras until you trick yourself into a new belief. It works, and it’s cute, but the process is long, exhausting and ridden with upper limits. 


With money consciousness, it’s deeper than belief work. You get to FEEL the true meaning of abundance coursing through the very cells of your being. You get to understand the TRUTH about how we make money (semi-spoiler; from committing to the fullest expression of who you are and why you’re here). 


No-one else in the world teaches money this way. Whether you’re new to me or have been in my world for years, there’s still more I have to teach. 


Over the next few weeks and months, M.O.R.E money consciousness is coming. 


Stay tuned for magic! 


Love aways,