Are you creating what you deserve?


There’s just 3 hours to go. Your new reality awaits. Are you coming to experience it?

The Shifting Sands have settled, making this arguably the true first day of the year. The Universe conspired in your favor throughout the first half of January to create a blank page. It moved the planets themselves in order to wipe out the past 38 years of karma and gift you with energetic freedom. 2020 is literally the year you can create whatever the hell you want, without anything weighing you down.

But even though she’s moved the planets themselves, Universe isn’t going to do all the work for you. She’s delivered her part in spades, now it’s your turn.

It’s time to awaken. Refreshed, upgraded, inspired. It’s time to open your eyes, receive the gifts of the Universe and show your immense gratitude by committing to bringing The Rich Mentality to your life, to your family’s life and to everyone you come into contact with.

It’s time to take your next steps in consciousness contribution by showing the world a different way. By becoming the embodiment of The Rich Mentality. Showing those around you that with freedom of thought, freedom of spirit and freedom from attachment, you create the type of wealth that oozes through every aspect of your life, supporting you endlessly, effortlessly, in every possible way.

What is it you want? Whatever it is, The Rich Mentality will provide. I know this to be true on such a deep level, I’ve provided a 100% money back guarantee. 

You’ve witnessed what others have been able to create in just 9 days. You’ve witnessed me showing up in full embodiment. You’ve witnessed what’s possible for you, what’s inevitable for you. The only thing left to do is create it.

In 3 hours time, I won’t be offering you this opportunity again until 2021.

If you’re worried about “gambling your money” on The Rich Mentality, consider this. If in 40 days, if your life hasn’t changed; you’re not happier, healthier and wealthier, I’ll give you a refund. Your money comes straight back into your pocket, and nothing is lost.

Or you could keep your money where it is and leave it up to your current paradigm to create your 2020 (and beyond.)

I know which odds I’d prefer…

Make the decision. Try something different. Mobilise yourself, and those around you.

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And once you’re signed up, forward this email.

Tell your social media following.

Phone your grandma.

Stick it on a flag and fly it above your house. The power of The Rich Mentality grows in numbers.

You deserve a rich life, but to have a rich life you need a rich mind. 

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You have 3 hours.

My love always,

Harriette xxx


Posted on

January 23, 2020