Are you an ‘awakened’ individual?

My coach Joanna, who I’ve been working with for over a year, (… you don’t knock ‘em when you’ve got a good one, because trust me, it only gets better!), posted this on her Facebook page yesterday:

2019 is a ‘3 year’

*** For the awakened this year it will be do or die in stepping into your spiritual leadership. It’s spirits year so they won’t be tolerating any slackers on the team. If you have decided to step up, then step fully into your leadership as you will enjoy unprecedented support, flow and greater expansion – BE BRAVE!!! This is a massively expansive year, huge opportunities await, as long as you stay out of the unawakened illusions which will crank into high gear March onwards. REMEMBER your reality becomes what you give most attention to…. so if everyone else is losing their heads, it doesn’t mean you have to!!! STAY Awakened!

***For the semi awakened you will be pushed till you make a choice. Number 3 years are not the year of the fence sitter. This will come in the form of personal challenges, or triggers until you make a firm decision!

***For the unawakened, if you had soul awakening in your soul contract, this year will be challenging since all other attempts to reach the unawakened have failed and the deep sleep is still on going. Foundations will be rocked and many will experience what can only be described as an internal earth quake. Sometimes the Universe needs to shaken to awaken you. Try to remember it’s all good in the cosmic hood!

This is why 2019 will be the year of spiritual leadership, not to be confused with guru-ship, which will be one of the illusions that will continue to shatter in 2019, having begun over the last 4 years.

As a leader you can ride the giant cosmic opportunities coming in 2019 by stepping up in full service, surrendering to Source and integrating your Divinity to catch all the people who will swear they are going bat shit crazy but indeed are in mass awakening. Surrender to service and you will create a year like no other! I am super excited for 2019!

If 2019 has a motto it will be “Wake the fuck up!” 

2019… she’s gonna be in your face, and supporting awakening on every level of that journey!

– Joanna Hunter

We’ve had various conversations in previous weeks and months about the awakening that is coming in full force in 2019. 100% of my clients have had huge spiritual shifts and awakened leaps into higher consciousness this year, preparing themselves (whether they realise it or not) for Divine Leadership. 

Now more than ever we need enlightened and awakened individuals offering their skills and service on a mass global scale, and we also need enlightened and awakened individuals in key job placements in every industry, in every country, in every state, in every city, and every village. 

There’s a call for Divine Leadership everywhere we look, and as it stands, there’s not enough of us to answer the call and fill the role required, which is exactly why 2019 is going to shake the foundations of life for so many people, because quite simply, they need to wake the ‘eff up.

Are you ‘awake’? Are you on a journey of self discovery and transcendence? Do you know who you are and what you’re here to do?

A few weeks ago I answered the call to start a brand new mastermind, the Divine Leadership mastermind, and it has quickly become clear why I was called to do that.

It’s also become clear that I need to open more spaces because the knowledge I’m sharing with these select few is being absorbed and implemented with incredible impact. 

Divine Leaders have such heightened consciousness and understanding of themselves and other people that they can manage and alchemise any situation, conversation and relationship. 

Divine Leaders don’t just shape their own reality, they are shaping the future of humanity. 

But before you freak about how grandiose this might sound…

Divine Leaders are NOT guru’s. 

We don’t wear robes. We don’t meditate for hours on end. We don’t walk barefoot. And we certainly don’t consider ourselves superior to anyone else. 

A Divine Leader might be a stay-at-home mum. 

A Divine Leader might be the highest earning sales manager of a huge corporation. 

A Divine Leader might be your local coffee barista. 

Leadership doesn’t require ‘look at me’ energy. In fact quite often it requires the opposite. Especially in these times.

Divine leaders are humble, compassionate, understanding and highly conscious people, who don’t allow ego to get in the way of their service. 

Divine leaders understand on a cellular level that money is just energy and is there to support all of us without limit. 

Divine leaders appreciate and work with human emotions and reactions to create outcomes which serve the greatest highest good of all.

In fact, in a recent conversation with one of my Divine Leaders just yesterday, I said the best way I can describe the energy you need to adopt to resolve this particular situation… is one of a Jedi Buddha!

To which she replied “that’s so fucking cool”.

Yes babe. Yes it is. It’s really fucking cool.

And the coolest part about mastering your Divine Leadership state? Is the absence of worry. The absence of stress. The absence of fear. The absence, of. well, frankly… anything that doesn’t serve you!

THIS is what we call being awake. And it is very very attainable.

It’s time to step up!

My love always



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January 14, 2019