Another wake up call just hit


There’s just 1 day left, the doors to M.O.R.E are closing tomorrow. I wanted to come at you today all kinds of high vibe, dropping all the positivity and possibility into your inbox to help shift you into creative action.


But that wouldn’t be authentic because honestly, I feel the weight of the world today and I’m betting a lot of you are too. So I’m here to meet you where you’re at. My intention is still to shift you into action, because action is suddenly even more vital.


There’s an intense power struggle taking place. 


As the U.K and parts of Europe head back into national lockdown, I can feel everyone shrinking. I can feel everyone sinking into hopelessness, anger, frustration and at worst, apathy. And with each recoil, more and more of your power is handed over.


As Harriette said on her stories this morning; “we’re all responsible, what are you going to do about it?” 


This stops when you stop handing over your power. When you reclaim your sovereignty and take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, vibrations, and ultimately your reality. We all have to stop finding people to blame and accept the fact that we all created this mess, it’s on us collective to UNcreate it.


That’s why M.O.R.E is about the collective. It’s about all of us coming together to Magnify Our Radiant Energy and LITERALLY change the outcome of what we’re seeing unfold. 

Yes, you’ll be able to manifest money and clients and love and confidence but honestly, they’re just pretty neat side effects. The REAL results are felt globally, collectively, throughout the consciousness of humanity and they’re reflected in our shared reality.


It might feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel right now. It might feel like you can’t prioritise investing in yourself when everything looks so uncertain. It might seem as though all your money stories are totally validated and you can confidently say you can’t afford it (can’t afford it is still a choice, that hasn’t changed).


But the work is not staying at home, shutting up shop, following the rules, collecting only 80% of your needs and waiting for the government to tell you it’s safe.


The work is M.O.R.E 


The work is balancing the power struggle. The work is alchemising your energy. Overcoming your need for approval, acceptance and validation. Embracing your traumas and allowing them to guide you to positive action. The work is listening to and following your Soul.


You might be feeling angry right now, but you STILL have a choice. That anger can either erode you, or change you. Use it to fuel some positive action. Use it to take your power back. Leverage it to make a decision that puts you back in the drivers seat of your own life.


Ask Harriette hit its most successful year in history in June, and we just celebrated our highest ever cash month in history. That doesn’t exactly follow the trend of hunkering down and riding out the shit storm huh? The reason is M.O.R.E


You don’t have to go down with the ship. You can build a new one. 

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All my love,



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November 2, 2020