Another diamond for you


d suit me better to pay monthly, is there any chance of doing a longer monthly payment plan?” 


? Introducing 4x monthly payments of £111 for you! ?


You always get what you want. 


Those who are already signed up and embodying The Rich Mentality are doing so right this moment.


It’s only been 8 days since we got started and already they’re receiving complimentary upgrades, new office spaces, overdue payments from clients, court case settlements, an unexpected cheque totaling $2991… and the list goes on and on. 


These are just some of the messages I’ve received on Instagram over the last 8 days…


“When online check-in for my flight failed, I was getting testy. Shifting Sands! I had time while waiting for an agent and consulted my Oracle deck. What did the Universe and Harriette need me to know? Needless to say, I connected to The Rich Mentality and had the best flight ever. Thank you Harriette for your teachings” 


“Just wanted to say how frickin’ awesome The Rich Mentality actually is… so I’ve had a really low energy day – just not felt with life at all today, forgotten a coffee date, had a banging headache all day (shifting sands syndrome I think), but instead of sinking into a pity party I have been so grateful and felt so lucky enough to have been able to snuggle up on the sofa all day with my baba and not beat myself up about the self care I needed – that’s true richness!” 


“Bless you Harriette – I did session 1 in The Rich Mentality last night. I unearthed a deeply buried belief about money and it’s source – (my Mom!!!)that I did not know. I was shocked! Programming runs deep and my guides have been trying to get me to see this one because my life plan is huge and it’s go time. They brought me to your and it is now ON!! Thank you guides. Thank you Harriette’s guides. Thank you Priestess!! ONE session people – if you see this you MUST do this now!!!!!” 


And this simple but powerful one…


“Anyway, my reasons for my message is that I’m doing the Rich Mentality – which has been one of the BEST decisions of my life” 


There’s now 4 different payment options to suit everybody and anybody. An abundance of payments plans to represent the abundance of opportunity that awaits you inside The Rich Mentality. PLUS – 100% money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work, I’ll refund you. Simple as.


Ready to make the best decision of your life?


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My love always

Harriette xxx


Posted on

January 22, 2020