Another day, another download


How much time have you committed to listening this last week or so?

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing all that Source has had to say to me on the current state of humanity and Planet Earth

And in the coming weeks I’ll be providing free guidance on how to navigate this New World which is unfolding before us

This weekend we will experience a massive shift which will spur many into action. My desire for you, is that you listen as much as you can in the coming days to prevent the desire to action leading you away from the Truth that is trying to reveal itself to you, rather than towards it.

My hope is that the Truth is the thing that guides you, and not Fear.

Give yourself a rest day, or a rest hour, just to listen. It will do you the world of good.

What we know to be True for now and always is your right and responsibility to abundance, and your intention to consciously contribute to this Planet, as defined in The 11 Universal Laws.

In my time of listening, I was instructed to form a free and conscious community initiative in order to hold massive space for people to listen, learn, heal, and transcend their Old Worlds.

I call this space: The Priestess Collective

The Priestess Collective is led by myself, fellow Priestesses, and Priestesses-In-Training, supported by healers, light workers, and thought leaders from all over the world, generously sharing their gifts and wisdom in service to all during this time we call a “global pandemic”.

I announced this initiative yesterday afternoon and in less than 24 hours we’ve had almost 250 people join us. My intention is that this space reaches thousands over the coming weeks.

Division is one of the many things which kills consciousness. Community has the power to alchemise that.

🙏Community that contributes consciously.

🙏Community which seeks to support, not sell.

🙏Community which listens, shares, receives, and accepts.

🌹This is my vision for The Priestess Collective.

I hope that it becomes a new home for many – a place to relax, reset, receive, recalibrate, reframe, and then rise.

It’s yours, for free 🙂

Will you join us? And then share with your family and your people? It will forever be a pitch-free zone! That’s my personal promise.

>>> Click here to join us <<<

Can’t wait to see many of you tomorrow.

My love always



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March 31, 2020