An Afterthought …


Yesterday I learned that one of my clients I worked with last year, who honestly never really applied herself as much as she could have, has gone on to work with “my coach”, or at least the woman she thought was my coach.

She must have gotten her wires crossed. My coaches are Joanna Hunter and Chris Harder. I highly recommend them, albeit for completely different reasons, and for some very surprising reasons!

I had briefly considered working with another woman 1:1 but after dabbling in her content and her energy, I decided she had nothing to offer me. I was already beyond what she could teach me. There’s nothing wrong with that FYI, we all serve at the levels we are available and ready to serve at. She’s awesome at doing what she does for her people.

The client in this story, whom I worked with last year, has so much freaking potential, but she never fully committed to herself. She didn’t fully show up. She only half assed the work. It happens. Rarely with me, but it does happen.

So, frustrated in her results with me, she determined that hiring “my coach” would help her achieve my levels of success. Because that’s what she desired for herself at the end of the day.

Only she’s hired someone who can’t compete with me. Who doesn’t have the knowledge, the insight, the wisdom, or the skill set that I can offer. 

I felt sad for her when I learned this news. What a massively misaligned investment. Investments like these never come back tenfold. They don’t comply with the Law of Abundance.

I also heard she’s been bad mouthing me and persuading others not to work with me. 

I shrugged it off. No one is powerful enough to talk anyone out of my energy. People are drawn to me for reasons they can’t understand, but when they listen to their intuition, and actually show up for themselves, the results are life changing.

She also broke the Law of Reciprocity in doing this. Again surprising, as she was fortunate enough to learn these Laws first hand from me, but I can’t force people into Consciousness, I can only guide and advise.

The point I want to press here is this:

I’m fucking magical at what I do. And I can help you create miracles in your life.

There is only one Harriette Hale.

Only one High Priestess of Light.

Only one Magic Fairy / Momma Coach / Soul Mom (nicknames lovingly given to me by clients).


The one thing I can’t do is force you to show up for yourself. 

I can give you EVERYTHING. But if you don’t show up and do the damn fucking work, you’ll end up spending thousands, and agonising amounts of time, pursuing one coach, after another, after another, in search of something which ultimately exists within you.

Don’t be the woman who invested in me, didn’t fully show up, got tired and frustrated, and decided the answer was in a coach who she THOUGHT I’d hired (and therefore must have the magic answer).

She was wrong.

And she is so absent of self-discipline, self-responsibility, and Consciousness, that unfortunately she won’t be getting the results she desired with this other coach either. Not because of the coach (like I said she’s awesome at what she does but she can’t offer anything new to my people), but because of herself. Because she hasn’t yet figured out that the magic is within.

When you hire a coach, you hire help. You don’t hire a magic fucking wand. They don’t exist. 

Gotta say though… as far as coaches go… they don’t get much cooler than a High Priestess ?

24 hours until the website revamp. Grab what you can whilst you can!

Love always



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April 25, 2019