All your money questions answered


All your money questions answered

Q: I’d love to know any tips for truly relinquishing control to the Universe once you’ve asked, especially when it feels like it’a taking it’s own sweet time, did it forget?

No, the Universe never forgets, but if you entertain the idea that she might have, that’s the very experience you will co-create for yourself… one of perpetual waiting. The Universe always wants to pay you, always wants to support you. Only your negative thoughts and vibrations are stopping that. Take some personal responsibility for your own vibration and stop worrying. Start acting, thinking, and moving as if what you’ve asked for has already arrived. The Energetic Intelligence can’t distinguish between ‘imaginary’ feelings and emotions, and the real thing, because of course there’s no such thing as imagination… it’s all real. All as real as you decide it is!

Q: Why does it (money) always seem to have a negative tone to it and why no matter if you have a lot, a little or just enough, do people treat you like a bad person for it?

Does it? I don’t believe I’m treated as a bad person for having lots of money. But this is my reality. It’s the one I’ve created for myself, whereby having money and wealth makes me a good person, who changes people’s lives, and builds an epic one for myself and my loved ones. The world you have created is one in which money has a negative tone and people are treated badly for it. Your illusion is your own doing, your choice, your belief, your projection. Change your inner conversation about money and your outer world experience will quickly follow. 

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September 12, 2019