All this is possible in less than 4 years

This is my final message to you tonight, to invite you into my most beautiful container for energetic & emotional expansion.

So I’d like to share a story with you. 

Once upon a time I didn’t know who I was. I lived my life in comparisonitis, in people-pleasing, playing the busy-fool, never feeling like I had enough, or that I was enough.

I lived outside of myself. I didn’t even know living inside of myself was a thing, let alone an option.

I did my best to avoid my emotions, or to alchemise them at rapid speed, like the good little spirituality student I was. Despite knowing that a gratitude journal would probably help, I could never consistently stick to anything that kept me in a “high vibration”, so I resigned myself to the fact that until I could actually commit to this high vibe shit, I’d never actually get to where I wanted to be, and in the meantime I’d have to keep sucking up all the hard moments in life.

At that time in my life I was living in a tiny (but beautiful) one-bedroomed flat in London, in a toxic relationship with an abusive man who I couldn’t bring myself to leave, and working like a fiend trying to make ends meet (and working my way out of a monstrous debt).

Fast forward exactly 3 years and 11 months later, and as if by magic I find myself here:

Happily married to my soul mate (finally left that abusive mess), with 2 beautiful children, living in a 6-bedroomed £2,000,000 mansion home, supported by a small army of staff, working 2 to 6 hours a day, and making more in a day than I used to make in a whole year.

3 years and 11 months. That’s all. 

From an abusive relationship to a soul mate marriage.

From a 1 bed flat, to a 4 bed semi-detached, to a 6 bed mansion.

From 24k years to 42k days.

I’ve implemented every single business strategy in the book. I teach a lot of them too. Truthfully I’ve no idea which one actually works. Every time I do a launch I have a tendency to rip up the rule book and try a new way anyway. They all work in some weird and wonderful way.

They all work, not because of the strategy, but because of the energy work. 

The ONLY thing that has been consistent in my life, in those 4 years is the energy work. I’ve tried so many different strategies, not one of them has stood the test of time.

But the energy work… the energy work became deeper, more intimate, more powerful. I kept layering on new understandings, new teachings, & new downloads.

The exponential growth started when I initiated as a Priestess and learned the magic of numerology. That was back in the autumn of 2017.

The following year, numerology led me to the 10 energy bodies. I spent years studying, implementing, and doing my own research, trialing and testing this ancient wisdom I’d stumbled upon.

By autumn 2020 I felt ready to teach it. I set about creating a brand new hybrid mastermind / online course entitled M.O.R.E. which stands for Magnify Our Radiant Energy.

I tore up the strategy rule book again and did a launch unlike anything I’d ever seen before in the industry.

30 lives were changed that year.

Autumn 2021 has me at the deepest most insightful energetic position of my life. My understanding and knowledge of this work is so vast, we’ve extended the container for M.O.R.E. from 10 weeks to 6 months, to now 12 MONTHS!

I’m still not sure I’ve found a business strategy that’s fail-proof. I’m not sure there is one.

But the 10 energy bodies have yet to fail me. I believe so deeply in this work, I’ll share it with anyone who will listen. 

Every podcast, every stage, every guest masterclass… the 10 energy bodies tumble out of my mouth before I even have a chance to think.

It’s my lifes work, my Soul work, my mission, to show you the true power of who you are. 

You are a BEing with a quantum energy field, comprising 10 energy bodies which are gateways just waiting to be activated to pull your deepest desires through.

Some of the most profound teachings inside this work, which still give me “pinch me” moments, are the lessons which remind me even in my sadness, my frustration, my disappointment, I can still be an energetic match for all my desires. 

The lessons which show me the power in my anger, my shame, my guilt and my envy. Power which facilitates the birthing of whole new worlds and paradigms of my own design, and my own choosing.

The lessons which speak of equality so powerfully there’s no escaping the fact that what I see in others, I know is available for me too.

The lessons which explain why my life has happened the way it has.

The lessons which allow me to collapse time, to be fully me, to break all the rules, to live outside of societal norms, and to live fully INSIDE myself.

The lessons which activate my power and magnify my radiant energy.

The lesson that bring me to YOU Ellie.

Enrolment for the 2021 class is closing in just a few hours. It would be my honour to pass on these ancient future wisdoms to you. 

You can join for the whole year for just £5555 (extended payment plans available up to 18months), or sign up to the first month only with no obligation to continue any further for just £500.

I believe in this work so powerfully, I know you’ll be back for class 2, and you won’t be able to tear yourself away from that classroom, because this teaching will set you free like nothing else you’ve ever experienced before in your life.

That’s a promise 🙂

I can’t wait to teach this again. I know there’s another up level waiting for me too, simply by sharing this wisdom.

>>> Sign up here, doors are closing tonight <<<

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Not that it matters, because strategy and social proof are irrelevant here.

Your energy is calling you.

Your desire for MORE is calling you. 

>>> Final chance, don’t turn it down <<<

My love always