Addicted to the stress, the struggle and the scarcity?!

Happy Monday!

This is not meant to read as a kick in the ovaries, but more as a Eureka moment for you. Take it as you will… I’m writing with the intention of hoping you have an epic lightbulb moment!!

Humans have been conditioned to be addicted to the rush of hormones and chemicals that are released in the body when we’re in a state of stress, struggle, or scarcity. 

We have become SO used to being in the fight or flight response because of the pressures of 21st century life, we’ve actually become addicted to the rush of chemicals released in our blood stream when we’re faced with yet another challenge or uphill battle.

Fair to say then it’s no wonder we sometimes manifest less-than-desirable situations into our lives when we’re more familiar with the stress response than we are the flow response.

The stress response does something very interesting to our energy bodies. If you’ve been in my world the last month, you’ll have heard me riffing extensively on the 10 energy bodies that make up our quantum field. 5 exist inside the body, and 5 exist outside the body.

When we’re in a state of stress, hyper awareness, struggle, and/or scarcity, we become focused on “matter” rather than flow, which shuts down the outer energy bodies. 

Energetic shut down of any kind constricts energy flow, including money flow, but more than that, it narrows our focus to only what we “know”, and completely shuts off miracles, the unexpected, and magic of any kind.

What we “know” is only what we’ve experienced in our past, and if we’re trying to break the habit of a lifetime, or create a new reality for ourselves, this becomes a HUGE problem.

Our relationship with the “unknown” exists in our outer energy bodies.

Our capacity to open our money flow requires us to have a connection to the “unknown”, or what I like to call “Consciousness”, and it also requires us to be open to bigger picture opportunities, rather than solely focused on the stressful matter at hand which is causing the brain to be hyper focused on that and only that, and causing the body to release yet more of those anxiety inducing toxins in to the body… the ones that it’s already addicted to.

So when people wonder why they can’t break their money patterns, this is why….

The boom and bust cycle is addictive (even though you say you hate it and want to break free from it, your brain and your body have other ideas)

The more month at the end of the money pattern is also addictive for the same reasons

As is the frustration with never hitting your goals, and the re-setting of new goals to torture yourself with every month

In fact the majority of frustrating, scarcity, stress-inducing money realities, patterns, and behaviours can be deduced to this:

Your brain and your body are addicted to the fight or flight response created, and the familiarity of those feelings on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Now your MIND might very well declare you are DONE with your current reality and want to change it, but your mind is a very different engine to your brain and your body, and will only be able to break the habits for so long before you inevitably succumb to the addiction once more.

The inevitable happens because of a disconnect between your inner energy bodies, and your outer energy bodies, or to simplify it… because of your disconnect to Source / God / Universe / Oneness.

When you’re disconnected from the bigger picture, you’re hyper focused on the issue, and staying focused on the issue trying to “think” your way out of it, will only result in you staying on the hamster wheel.

You can’t “think” your way out of addiction. The release of the addictive substances in the body has to be stopped, which means training your brain and your body to have completely different experiences when it comes to money.

And THIS, in a nutshell, is why the first module of the Money Consciousness Method is all about creating consciousness and connecting to the bigger parts of you which you’ve been closed off to as a result of your stress, struggle and scarcity addictions. We don’t even touch on money until module 2 because I need to help you (specifically your brain and your body) have a whole different experience of existing before we can get to the actual money flow part of the programme.

Module one will change your life in and of itself, but that’s just the starting point. Check out what others are saying about it already:

“My mind is thoroughly blown away by the seven dimensions”

“I already feel so much more relaxed about money and I’m noticing I’m not so fearful in letting it go because it will come back! Only half way through Mod 1”

“I just don’t have the words! And I am a writer!”

“Feel completely connected to all the content and feel so aligned that I am meant to be absorbing this incredible information. To me this changes everything or should I can concretes everything I have been aspiring towards and makes it so much bigger. The time line was helpful too, it confirmed to me the soul purpose I believed.”

“Content so far deeply resonating and after completing the soul vs ego update I even had a massive physical reaction. I sense this inner knowing that knows another level, another expansion just happened in that moment because after that… wow.. Can’t logically explain how I feel but something has shifted.”

“I have been learning many of these things for years but the way that Harriette packages them up, explains & delivers the elements it makes total sense and so simple to understand & align too. For the last few weeks I feel like I finally have faith & trust in me, money & the universe and I am not just saying the words I actually feel it. Long may it continue as I am loving it! I’ve felt so upbeat & happy. Thank you.”

Do you understand now why “thinking” your way out of your current situation so you can enrol next year simply isn’t going to work? Because your mind isn’t powerful enough to overcome the hormones that flood your body in response to your financial reality. You need something more powerful than that.

The power is in Consciousness. THAT is the game changer. 

The doors for MCM Lite close today! All the magic, a fraction of the price… think of it as a zero calorie option, but without compromising on the flavour.

Oh… and it’ll change your life. That too!! 😂

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Are you going to keep your body in stress, scarcity, and struggle? Or are you going to get Conscious the Ask H way so you can experience a completely different reality of flow, abundance, and light bulb moments galore?!

I guess now you realise why you’ve been struggling to break those patterns on your own right? 

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Love always