Abundance Leaves Clues

Happy Tuesday from the Black Friday Fairy!

Of course you knew you’d be getting far far more than just a sensational, no brainer offer each day (although please scroll to the end if you’re itching to know what today’s is!)

So I want to start day 2 of this offer party by showing you the power of compound investments that come from following your higher purpose!

When I was 22 years old, I purchased my first property. A tiny one bedroomed flat in the heart of London. It was literally so small my dad used to refer to it as my rabbit hutch haha!
The bedroom was so small, the bed was pushed up against one wall and there was barely enough room to walk around the bed on the other side.
The kitchen was a box, with units along 3 walls.
The remaining floor space could comfortably fit 2 people. 3 was a squeeze. I LOVED IT.

I bought that flat for £272,000 (the number is significant).

6 years later I got the “itch” and followed my gypsy blood to the “suburbs” of London, this time buying a 4 bedroomed semi-detached HOUSE WITH A GARDEN (!!!) for a cool £1,000,000.
I offered 100k under the asking price and held my breath. The estate agents played all sorts of silly mind games with me. I was 29 (just), I must have looked naive. I held firm. I got what I wanted… my first ever million pound property.

A year later my daughter was born, her father walked out on us, and my now-husband walked in to our lives. It was then I realised why my gypsy blood had taken me away from the heart of London to the suburbs. It was to meet him (he worked locally).
That house returned me an investment far greater than any financial amount. That house delivered me my soulmate and the perfect father for my daughter.
He moved in, quickly proposed, and we began planning our wedding and more children. It became clear we were going to need a bigger home. And then lockdown hit… and all of a sudden I felt claustrophobic not just in that house but in London, period.

The countryside was calling me.

So after just 4 years in that house, I went in search of my next home. The one we’re now living in as a family of FOUR!

I bought my 6 bedroomed 8 bathroomed countryside mansion home with an enormous garden in one of the most prestigious post codes just weeks before Odin made his arrival into the world, and almost exactly 10 years since I purchased my tiny one bedroom flat.

The value on my current home: £2,720,000. TEN TIMES WHAT I PURCHASED MY FLAT FOR.

In just ten years. And the best part is I didn’t “work” for this. There’s no strategy, no effort, no implementation, consistency or “showing up”. This was just me, following my calling, following my intuition, following my higher purpose and my destiny.
I’m a gypsy by blood, I’m always going to move around, but I’m a Priestess by purpose, so I’m always going to be called to the sacred lands that need me. And I’ll forever be in service to that calling… and I’ll forever answer that call in whatever luxurious abode it summons me from!

Take a moment to look back over the last 10 years of your life on this Solar Eclipse day. Can you witness the power of compound investments? Or even witness the power of how significant people and opportunities come into your life when you’re following what calls you, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time.

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And that’s day 2 of our Black Friday Fairy magic!! You might want to bookmark this link for the next month, this is where each offer will be posted every day, behind these adorable little advent doors!

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