A story all about shit ?

Happy Monday Babes

And Happy Belated International Woman’s Day

… which yes was Friday …

On which day I had two very shitty situations to deal with

  1. I had food poisoning and an all day date with my bathroom floor
  2. And my daughter also had an upset tummy

Between the two of us we literally created a shit show ?

So work went out of the window on Friday (apologies to all those who booked in for virtual coffee dates… you can rebook here, can’t wait to chat to you!), and I caught myself on Saturday morning, texting my mastermind clients apologising for my radio silence and promising to ‘catch up’ on work over the weekend.

And then I stopped myself.

Because why the ‘eff did I need to apologise for being ill, or feel the need to sacrifice my weekend in order to catch up?!

Weekends are family time in our house. Sacred time. Self care time. Creative time. Soul nourishing time.

So I missed Friday because I was ill….

So my EGO wants me to sacrifice my weekend?!

Doesn’t that feel like punishment to you?

We all do it.

We are all SO OVERLY SUBSCRIBED to the notion that work comes first above all else, because how else will we get everything done and make all that money, right?!


Please allow me to start your week right with this message babe:

?The less you work, the more you earn. Yes really.

?You do NOT have to give up weekends to make a million dollars. 

?You do NOT have to sacrifice your you-time to make up for missed work-time. Your you-time is actually the most productive work-related task you can complete. Your business doesn’t work without you in full health. 

?When you take care of you, your business takes care of you.

?Hustle is not required. 

In fact Monday mornings can consist of family music-making time, and blow outs… check out my Insta-stories for some #lifegoals inspo.

?You do NOT have to jump head first into emails, stress, and joy-draining tasks. 

But you know what is required?

?Energy work. 

?Lots of energy work.

?And mindset work.

?Specifically money mindset work.

Fortunately, I’m wrapping all you need to live a time-abundant, energy-abundant, financially-abundant lifestyle into ONE VIRTUAL VIP DAY on March 28th!

This is a ONE TIME ONLY gig (but you will get lifetime access to the replay).

So, if you are looking to level up your money mindset, receive some hands on energetic clearing, re-arranging, and templating (energy templating is new level shit), and experience a money consciousness awakening, then you need to get yourself all signed up right here:

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IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT LIVE YOU WILL STILL GET THE REPLAY (curated into a gorgeous online mini-course with lifetime access)

Ready to shake up you current reality? Then it’s a time for a wake up Ellie, of the money, energy, and spirituality kind!

At which point you will realise you can chill the ‘eff out, because hustle is not required when you do things the Ask Harriette way.

Wishing you a stunning week!

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Love always



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March 14, 2019