A sincere apology from the bottom of my heart


I’m at a peculiar crossroads in my life. I know something epic is about to happen. I have no idea what… but something.

It’s caused me to take stock of my life and reflect on all that I’ve taught and shared with the world in my coaching career so far.

And this is where I feel an apology is due…

I’ve grown a LOT as a human being, as a coach, and as a Priestess. I know a lot more now than I did a few years ago, even 6 months ago. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’ve probably lacked clarity & consistency in the past where my clients are concerned . I wish I could offer all the clients I’ve guided over the years, the present day version of the Priestess I see in the mirror. She has so much more integrity, authenticity, compassion, insight, power, experience, and magic than the Harriette Hale of a few years ago. My desire to offer this version of me as the guide in your life & business comes from a deep knowing that I’m here to change the world, one person at a time.

On last night’s Priestess Pod call, I walked my clients through some PR strategies… Press the Priestess Way, and they’ve been having great fun coming up with their one line containers or “elevator pitches”. It got me thinking about my own.

I burn holes in bullshit for fun. Because I can. – This is from an email & Insta post I sent out a few weeks ago and it went down a storm.

But my work is more than that. It’s deeper than that. And it becomes deeper and more impactful by the day.

Seeing the elation in my clients as things start to drop into place is priceless. Watching the excitement grow as they move further into their authentic gifts gives me so much life. And witnessing the penny drop as they realise making money really does get to be THAT easy… well that is just another level of humility and gratitude.

I didn’t always get these results though. And there’s a few past clients who have entered my thoughts recently.

  • Like the mastermind client who fell asleep on a call, and later bad mouthed me to other clients saying she didn’t get what she wanted.
  • And the other mastermind client who expressed her disappointment that she hadn’t achieved the same as the others, only to then land in her own magic just weeks after leaving me (sometimes there’s a delay).
  • Or the woman who did my Money Mindset System and did a 100% credit card reversal charge back because we refused to give her a refund based on the fact I wouldn’t give her double the amount of bonuses at her request.

There’s probably a couple of others. The old me was capable of attracting these types of clients because I wasn’t fully in my own power, and I took far too much responsibility for the results of the individual.

BUT, to these clients… deep bow to you sister. You taught me so much about my self and my service. Thank you, I’m so grateful, and I’m deeply sorry for not serving you from the place of power I now occupy. 

Fellow coaches, if you’re in business and facing hiccups with clients, know that they are mirrors, teachers, and ultimately blessings… all necessary for getting you to the next level. I’ve been there. I feel you sister.

But to those who have worked with me, and have witnessed my evolution since we parted ways… come home. I’m ready to serve you at a higher level. It’s time.

New to me? Know that I serve with humility, grace and absolute authenticity. Hiring a Priestess isn’t like hiring a coach. You will come for the money but you will stay for the magic. We will weave spirituality, strategy and science into your life, your business, your career, and your relationships, to create an abundant, authentic and aligned version of you. The you who will go on to change the world.

My only request of my clients is this:

?Be hungry

?Be ready

?Be honest

Who would you like to thank and apologise to from your past? Perhaps now would be a good time to release yourself from those binds as we look to a brand new decade.

My love always



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November 14, 2019