A new beginning


Happy Friday

Yesterday we celebrated Ostara (the Spring Equinox), the first day of Spring, a new beginning, a re-birth.

How Divine that we are all being forced to be still and silent as the first buds of a new world begin to emerge and unfold.

Instead of the usual hustle and bustle of life, many are choosing to self-isolate, whilst others are in enforced quarantine, but news in from all over the world confirms Mama Earth is healing. Swans have appeared in the Venetian canals, dolphins are playing along the coastlines of Italy, skies are clearer all over the world, and for the first time in a long time, perhaps the first time ever for some people… the birth of Spring is AUDIBLE. Through the silence we hear the murmurs of new life. 

I keep promising to share further insights into what the Coronavirus is, and what it isn’t, and whilst I still haven’t dared to breath some of the words downloaded to me by Spirit because of the enormity of the impact they could create, what I can confirm is this:

The Patriarchy didn’t cause this virus, Mama Earth and Grandmother Universe did. The Patriarchy are terrified. 

SHE has had enough. She’s forcing us to labour a new world, collectively. 

Labour is messy, painful, and destructive (trust me, I laboured my daughter for 6 days… it was NOT pretty).

On the other side of messy painful and destructive labouring is Love, new life, and new connections. New understandings, two hearts that beat as one, an undeniable consciousness that connects mother and child.

That undeniable consciousness is being forced upon us now, as children of the Universe, we are being pushed through an uncomfortable birthing canal, away from the safety and security of what we’ve known for so long, and into a scary new world.

But it’s time.

The Patriarchal era ended in 2012. We’re Aquarian now, and we’ve been putting off the wake up for too long. You’ll have noticed over the last 8 years, the increasing persistence of the messages from Mama, both on a global scale and on a personal level. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. And yet so many still refuse to wake up and accept the reality of what is and what isn’t.

The entire Universe is energy. The only reality is the energy. Our external world is a direct reflection of our internal worlds. We have the capacity to change our lives ourselves. Nothing that makes us feel crap has to be real anymore. We get to choose our reality. We must do the inner work. We must use our intuitive gifts. We must be conscious… which means being kind, selfless, and free from fear!

🥀Stockpiling loo roll, pushing old ladies out of supermarket queue’s, getting angry at your boss, or your hypercondriac neighbour … is NOT conscious.

🥀Turning on the news every morning and letting the fear wash over you… is NOT conscious.

🥀Blaming the government and wailing about your income dipping… is NOT conscious.

🌹Be still my child!!! BE STILL. Listen to the voice of your own inner child. Why are you choosing to believe things that scare you? The reality is nothing is real. Only what you choose to believe is real. 

I have SO MUCH MORE TO SAY. But for now… be still. Stop. Think. Sit. 

This labour will take longer than 6 days. But Ostara… is here. And there’s no going back now. 

My love always


p.s. for those of you interested in filling the gap in the Priestess Ring, you have only until the end of the month. I will never be repeating this opportunity. Now is the time. ACT.


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March 20, 2020