A Message From Your Soul & Your Priestess

Hey you ❤

Decisions, decisions. We spend so much energy on them, far more than we need to or is appropriate to creating the reality your Soul is trying to lead you to. 
BUT – I get that you have questions. I get that you have fears and hesitations. It’s totally normal. Unnecessary, but normal. So I’m going live on Instagram and in the Facebook group today at 4pm to show you how to navigate these natural questions the Priestess Way. 


I’ve been in your position. So have most of my team and so have all the people who’ve walked the Money Consciousness Method path before you. So I know you’ve probably had a little internal conversation going on over the last 24 hours that sounds something like this… 


Soul: I REALLY think we should do Harriette’s Money Consciousness Method 

Ego: But I’m not sure we have the time to really commit to it


Soul: LOL, yes we do, we just reshuffle a few things and call in some favous. Stop trying to rain on my parade. 

Ego: But the expense, I’m not sure we can stretch to it right now 


Soul: And yet somehow all your bills always are and always have been covered, why would this one be any different? 

Ego: It might be, you don’t know


Soul: I absolutely do, that’s my one job. To know your path and push you in that direction. 

Ego: Oh. 


Soul: So are we doing this? 

Ego: Well, I want to, it sounds incredible, but there’s just too much going on for me right now. 


Soul: Oh you mean all the stress and pressure because you’re not prioritising yourself or the things you really want? I think this programme is actually going to alchemise all that for you. 

Ego: It does sound that way, but I’ve already invested so much, I don’t want to make a financial commitment I can’t keep. 


Soul: The money thing again? DUDE you can actually monetise this programme. It’s not only going to teach you how to elevate your consciousness, open up your abundant flow and consistently manifest money all day every day, it’s going to make you a licensed consciousness coach yourself, you can charge for that shit! 

Ego: You make some good points. 


Soul: So what’s the problem? 

Ego: It’s scary. What if I’m the exception. What if I’m the one person it doesn’t work for? 


Soul: Oh babe. I love you. You’re so adorable. You didn’t think I brought you here just to tease you? You’re here because you’re ready for this, because you feel this work so deeply. Forget the past, it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is recognising when the Universe is trying to invest in you and letting me hold the reigns, because I got your back boo. I hold the self trust, the absolute faith. 
Following my gentle pull can never go wrong, I got plans for you when you’re rolling in abundance. Trust me, you want to see the impact you’re capable of when you’re not obsessing over your finances. 

Ego: Ok, you sound pretty sure, and I guess you’ve never let me down before. What do I do now? 


Soul: Go right here.


And if you need the Priestess Perspective on your decision, I’ll see you live at 4pm on Instagram and in the FB group. 


My love always,