A lesson in The Rich Mentality


A lesson in The Rich Mentality

A pre-cursor:

Words uttered from your mouth will go out into the Universe and make manifest that which you speak. 

Vibrations emitted from your being will go out into the Universe and make manifest that which you feel. 

Money Consciousness:

?The Universe provides us with wealth.

?You are the Universe. We are the Universe.

?My desire is for you to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, about Abundance.

?Abundance is a way of thinking. Abundance is a conscious choice. Abundance is not determined by your bank balance.

?Abundance starts with Light Consciousness, i.e. doing life the Priestess Way. Welcome to this way.

?Abundance can not be possessed, only experienced. But it can be experienced permanently.

?Abundance is not an accumulation of money, or anything else for that matter, for desiring accumulation is not a desire at all, it’s a fear – the fear of scarcity.

?It is not possible to work to make money for selfish gain AND honour your Soul purpose. For those who are new to my teachings, this is your Soul’s purpose:

?The Incarnation Intentions (as downloaded from Source by Harriette Hale 2017)

  1. You are here to have a human physical emotional experience
  2. And to use that experience to contribute to the collective consciousness to raise the vibration of the Planet for the greatest and highest good of all humanity

?Any money made or accumulated from a place of fear or selfish gain breaks the Soul contract and inevitably departs from the acquirer.

?However, service = security. 

(A note to those who may have missed my previous numerology teachings… we are shifting into a 4 year, 2020, where the energy required to prosper will be one of selfless service). 

?When we serve from a place of higher consciousness, all of our material desires are taken care of. We are fully secure in our human existence and all experiences it has to offer, even the material ones, for to be truly abundant requires both material wealth, and spiritual wealth. Note that this wealth has to be entered into from the CORRECT vibration, which is one of love, service and higher consciousness.

?Consciousness never fears poverty. 

?The Rich Mentality doesn’t suffer from exhaustion, burdens, or procrastination. In fact the Rich Mentality pays no mind to anything or anyone which threatens its higher consciousness.

?The Energetic Intelligence (Source / Universe) co-created YOU so you could experience consciousness & abundance, and multiply in it to honour your Soul calling and the calling of the Planet.

?Your consciousness, your vibration, your commitment to the emission of your own abundant frequencies, and utterance of abundant words will heal the world. If you choose the higher vibrations, frequencies, thoughts, words, behaviours, and actions. The lower emotions will only exacerbate the world’s problems.

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November 25, 2019