A Confession.

I forgot myself.

About 6 weeks ago, I simply up and left myself. Left my body, left my presence, left my mission, my identity, my purpose. One day I was there, and the next I wasn’t. And then I watched in horror as everything stopped working. My whole world ground to a halt around me – the money stopped flowing, the ideas stopped coming, I couldn’t for the life of me land on something that excited me and the doomscrolling that had become my daily habit started to penetrate my aura and paint it furiously with the narratives of others.

Doesn’t sound very much like the Priestess of Light does it?

But here’s the thing, often you have to forget to remember. And part of being a Priestess means descending into the depths of the human experience so you can emerge with wisdom and insights that allow you to rebirth everything.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve remembered. I’ve reawakened. And I’ve spent the morning with the team discussing the next phase of this Priestess Empire that I’m building. The 3 of us took a moment of deep exhalation as we recognised we lost this beloved brand in a sea of coaching chaos, we allowed it to be taken hostage by “the industry” and in doing so, forgot everything that it and we stand for.

This is not a coaching company. Yes, we provide coaching to an extent. But it goes far far beyond that. I’m not just a coach, I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a Priestess. I’ve been creating and scaling a whole range of different companies for 16 years now and I was coaching people long before the coaching industry was even a thing. If you even want to call it coaching, for me, I’m just doing what comes naturally to me, what lights my Soul up and keeps me showing up – supporting people as much as possible to bring their dreams to life.

Whatever the fuck the coaching industry is or isn’t, whatever the future holds, that will never change.

And so, finally, after years of this being a coveted vision, we begin work to officially register The Star & Sky Foundation as a charity. This is the education foundation many of you have heard me describe as my “Why beyond my why”, to completely reform the way our children are educated and taught to view the world so that they may see the potential in themselves and be supported to literally take their inner star, their inner light, their fire and passion and vision, and place it in the sky where it  can light up the world.

And this world I’ve created, known as Ask Harriette, this is where I help the adults. This is where I help anyone audacious enough to desire. This is where I create a home for aspiring entrepreneurs (not just coaches), but anyone who has a vision to contribute to raise the vibration of the planet for the greatest highest good of all, and put good money in good pockets.

My little corner of the world, both on and offline, is the walls of The Temple I serve in as a Priestess, supporting you to bring your vision, your dream and your potential to life.

Please allow me to welcome you home…

>> To The Temple << 

This is the evolution of The Manifesting Membership. Because we realised this space holds far more than manifestation teachings, but of course, we needed our own incubation of manifesting magic to realise and birth what this sacred container ACTUALLY is. 

I’m not ashamed to say I was trying to be someone I’m not, and make this offer something it isn’t. It was an integral part of the process of remembering, and now, the Priestess returns to claim her rightful place at the entrance of The Temple, ready to wash your feet and cleanse your auric field as you too embark upon your own remembering. 

In The Temple, you will always find a Priestess; most likely when you see your reflection appear in the window as you enter.

In The Temple, you will always find answers as you sink into the comfort of your own knowing.

In The Temple, you will always find oneness as you participate in a shared journey from where you are to where you desire to be.

In this infinite space you can connect to the Divinity within you and let that be the alchemical spark that provides the platform for effortless evolution.

Through contemplation, education, reception, revelation, inspiration and guidance, all in circle, together, you will arrive at the crystal clarity necessary to become your truest you and create a new paradigm for yourself. 

In the Temple begins a revolution in plain sight. 

>> Enter The Temple here << 

My love always,