£42k, a snotty nose & a chance to change your life


The world has slowed me down, to give you more space & time…

I’ll keep it short. I’m shot full of cold. My baby daughter generously shared her germs after keeping me up all night. I made a huge decision over the weekend, and actioned it this morning. It’s changed the way Ask Harriette Ltd is run forever. I can’t share details yet.

Doing this released a massive piece of energy which has been trying to break free for some time. 

As soon as it was ‘done’, the financial floodgates opened and the money hasn’t stopped flowing since. 

£42,000 so far today and I’m sure there’s more to come. 

To all the new people who joined M.O.R.E. today, welcome!! You deserve a proper celebration and I will be doing exactly that as soon as I’ve nursed myself and my little one back to full health.

In the meantime, if you’re still on the fence and pondering if M.O.R.E. is for you, you can come chat to my snotty-messy-self all week!! Ha! I might not be pretty, but I’m still bloody fantastic at changing lives.

If you’d like to chat to me, book in here. 

If, however, my snot does not appeal, you are more than welcome to chat to Mia, who will also be coaching you inside M.O.R.E. I’m told she’s less scary than me anyway, although I have to say, I thought I was about as terrifying as a fluffy kitten. But what do I know.

To chat to Mia, book in here.

If you haven’t yet checked out the M.O.R.E. programme, I suggest you do so quickly!! >>> CLICK ME I’M CUTE <<<

The Fast Action Bonuses worth over £700 expire tomorrow… although given my sickly status I may well extend this a day or two, as I appreciate it I haven’t nagged you sufficiently to get your ass in gear. 

(I was one of those teenagers who had to be nagged a thousand times to get up and dressed in the morning, so to my fellow late-comers, I feel ya, I know it’s not intentional, we just love being leisurely with certain things!)

*Pause for snotty brain fog*

Oh yes… the $100 giveaway!! I’m giving away money for the best ‘aha’ moment from all the free trainings I did during runway month (also known as September to normal people).

If you haven’t yet jumped into these free trainings, I highly recommend you do, not just for the money, but also for results like these:

?“I was in the bath catching up with your Zoom call in activating the 10 energy bodies and I asked to manifest £5k to do your course. My mum came in while I was half way through number 2 and told me she’d given my brother £1000 for a new bed and was gonna transfer £1000 to me too. It was in my bank before I’d got to energy body number 5. You are pure magic!! I can’t wait to get started – although this is a huge investment for me, I need this now more than ever! You’ve changed a lot for me already. Can’t wait for M.O.R.E.!!”

“Tonight at a job that was a shit show, a kind gentleman walked up to the bar and put 2 $100 bills in our tip jar. Completely unexpected. This shit works. It’s blowing my mind!!!”

?“Biggest aha moment for me (there were so many mic drop moments) was in call 5: all negative thoughts are NOT my own. I chose to adopt them which was me giving my power away. That shit needs to stop right now.”

“Biggest aha was understanding the perpetual poverty cycle I am in is my doing and the thoughts causing this are not my own. That I am bringing money when I allow it but putting constraints on how I receive it so just enough gets through. Never abundance always enough ness.”

? “Wow I didn’t even know I was deflecting the energy. Just enough money always turns up like to the penny but I control everything so that makes sense. My head is blown!”

“That just blew my mind… a greater understanding of how I’m using my energy and how I COULD use it xx”

…and there’s plenty more…

It could be you. Are you ready for more?!

Share your biggest aha moment from the free trainings and tag me, somewhere, instagram / facebook / anywhere so I can screen grab it, and I’ll be choosing one, or two, or maybe even three of you to gift $100 to!


>>> Register for the free trainings if you haven’t already <<<

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And if you’re waiting for a divine sign, come chat to me or Mia and we’ll make it rain with signs so clear you’ll be singing hallelujah all the way to the sign up page!

With love, and sniffles,

Harriette x

p.s. a dose of inspo… it rained £42k on me today via Ask H (haven’t even checked the other companies yet), without a single email, or a social media post, and only one irritatingly rambling Instagram story about something cryptic that probably made people swipe left very quickly ? – the best laid business strategy in the world won’t make you money if your energy ain’t right. Take it from a Priestess who can sell out programmes with just her energy ? #thisshitworks


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October 5, 2020