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I said I was leaving the closing date for The Rich Mentality up to my Spirit Team – and they’ve delivered…


Yesterday I spoke to you about The Shifting Sands – the realignment of the Universe, yourself, your past, present and future, that’s taking place right now thanks to the enormous shift in energy that happened on January 12th.


The entirety of humanity has had the slate wiped clean. The Jenga tower that was hanging together on blocks of anxiety and uncertainty has toppled, and you get to build back up using only rich thoughts, rich words, rich actions.


How freaking exciting is that?


The Shifting Sands will settle on January 23rd, and it’s this day I’m told the doors to The Rich Mentality will close – because from this date onward, your new future, destiny and reality starts to manifest. It starts to manifest based on what you’re choosing to think, do and engage in right now…


So you’ve got a choice, a literal once in a lifetime choice given to you by this cosmic wiping of the slate, to build your tower back up on the same jittery blocks as before, or to create something that can’t be toppled by ANYTHING.


Imagine a world operating from The Rich Mentality, imagine the possibility of a global paradigm of abundance. Does it excite the living crap out of you the way it does me?


It’s my desire to mobilise as many people as possible into this way of living, so I’ve made this decision easy for you…


I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee!! 


Learn The Rich Mentality, implement it, embody it, and watch your life change in just 40 days. If it doesn’t – I’ll give you a full refund. You literally have nothing to lose just by giving this a go.


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If that wasn’t enough to have you running over to the sign up page, and you’re still reading, I’ve also added in an insanely flexible payment plan, so you can get started immediately for just £55.50!



The first two classes & deep hypnosis meditations immediately available

100% money back guarantee


You have until January 23rd to get yourself in…


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The Rich Mentality allows you to want for nothing, and experience everything.

If you still need money to feel rich – you will experience nothing but perpetual scarcity.

It is the very act of chasing wealth that keeps you poor.

Stop chasing wealth, become wealth with The Rich Mentality.

My Love Always,

Harriette xxx


Posted on

January 21, 2020