The Light Tour Toronto


The Light Tour Toronto – 10th April – Four Hour Workshop!

Learn the Law of Abundance & Activate Your Light Consciousness

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The Light Tour Toronto

The Light Tour Toronto – Four hour workshop!

Learn the Law of Abundance & Activate Your Light Consciousness

In a beautiful setting in the heart of Toronto, we come together to co-create with Universe and raise the vibration of the planet.

This four hour event will include:

  • Learning about the Law of Abundance
  • Receiving Light Activation to raise your vibration
  • Guided meditation and atunements with the Archangels & Ascended Masters
  • Q&A with Harriette
  • VIP: Further Q&A and dinner after the workshop with Harriette as part of a small group (dinner included in the price)

Date: April 10th

Venue: Suite 410, 555 Richmond St. West 

Times: 4-8pm (VIP Dinner 8:30pm onwards)

Standard Price: $97 Canadian Dollars (£55)

VIP Price: $300 Canadian Dollars (£165)

The Light Tour is all about guiding others toward their own light, one in which they can shine as brightly as destiny intended for them. To connect people to their light, their truth, their wisdom, their spirit team, their faith.

Whatever the connection for the individual, it arrives in the form of clarity, a true sense of identity, a set of self-serving beliefs, a capacity to make decisions and take inspired action with conviction and an aligned vision which serves the greatest highest good of all.

We are moving away from a time of strategic business, competition, selfish gain, and scarcity mentality.

Divinity has a place amongst humanity. We call it Duality. We call it Light.

Money is just energy. It can never run out. It is not finite. It is not limited. The Universal Law of Abundance needs to be known more globally so that we can all move into a life of service and fulfilment, not just of others, but of self as well.

I’m proposing a whole new mindset, a whole new belief system, a whole new way to ‘do life’, and ‘do business’, one that requires nothing more than the power we have already invested within us. A true wholeness. This is a magic we have suppressed for years, but it’s growing, it’s returning, and it’s coming on tour with me!

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