10k in 10 Days


10k in 10 days!

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Note: This is not a pyramid scheme, or a get rich quick programme, or any form of network marketing. This is simply teaching you how to generate an income doing what you love, and doing what you’re great at!



How to make 10k in 10 days.

Yes that’s £10,000 (or dollars or euros) in just 10 days!

This 10-step course is suited to freelancers, self-employed, those in full time work, unemployed, business owners, newbies, and experienced entrepreneurs!

The course is split into ten sections, all of which are accessible straight away so you can work through at your own pace.

Part 1: Decluttering
Part 2: Setting Your Intentions & Mental Preparation
Part 3: Establishing Your ‘Zone of Genius’
Part 4: Refining Your Identity
Part 5: Package Your Genius
Part 6: Announce Yourself
Part 7: Get ‘It’ Out There
Part 8: Convert Conversations Into Cash
Part 9: Deliver To Your Tribe
Part 10: Rinse & Repeat

Each ‘part’ contains a video training and accompanying downloadable workbook to guide you through the process.


Free one month access to the Ask Harriette Members Club for personal guidance and support from Harriette, walking with you through your 10k journey!

Watch the very basic overview here:

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