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You’re super talented at what you do, in fact, you LOVE what you do, but it’s not earning you the mega bucks you deserve. Trust me you deserve abundance (I’ll talk to you about that bit later).

You feel like you’re running around in circles, smashing your head against a wall, and getting nowhere fast. You only have so much time and you feel like you have zero business acumen, which, subsequently means, you don’t know how to upgrade from time-poor and cash-poor to realising your ambitions AND achieveing them!


Start asking your questions right away and remove the hurdles that have been in your way!

Questions Like This Taunt You From Time To Time:

  • What on earth is Mailchimp?

  • Who has the time to watch endless Facebook tutorials?

  • How can social media help me without taking over my life?

  • How do I set up an automated email sequence?

  • How do I get more clients?

  • How do I maximise my time?

  • Online payments?

  • Tax returns?

  • Business strategy?!

  • Why isn’t my website working?

  • How do I improve my Google search ranking?

  • Who knows how to actually manifest anything?

  • What Am I Even Doing With My Life?! Help!

You can’t afford a full time business coach. You don’t even know if business coaches exist for creative geniuses like you.

You just need someone who understands the creative industries and can show you what to do to make money, save time, and bring the focus back to doing what you love, without sweating the small stuff.

You need a business mentor & mindset coach with experience in the creative sector.


” A lot of people have gone futher than they thought they could because someone else thought they could “

If you’re a solopreneur, freelancer, or a younger business owner, you probably have a lot of protective pride, an attitude that often manifests in, ‘Only I/we get it and nobody else can possibly help make this thing work.’
Trust me, I have been there. Going it alone, while being admirable, is a foolish and highly flawed approach to tackling the world and aiming for success.
A mentor can help you:
  • Look at problems and situations from perspectives that you would not have thought of on your own

  • Help you expand your beliefs and widen your horizons

  • Cultivate leadership skills, one-on-one, in real time

  • Reduce the anxiety involved in taking big steps

  • Focus YOU on achieving YOUR goals

  • Equip you with the business skills & tools you need

  • Provide structure and methods to help you succeed

  • Work with you to create a mindset & identity that works for you & not against you

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you know, a good mentor is an invaluable asset in life and in business. 

Many small business owners & freelancers attempt to gain this sort of advice from business books, classes and online courses. Unlike generic courses though, a mentor’s focus is on your business, your life, your mindset & your agenda and your questions. 

^^^ This is true for all kinds of coaching including the Soul, Money & Mindset coaching which might be for you if you’re not business orientated ^^^

Why Ask Harriette?

I will be your confidential sounding board, focusing totally on you, listening to you, discussing your goals & desires with you, sharing the successes and challenges with you and supporting you in achieving what you want to achieve.

I teach from experience, not from the textbook. What I can offer is 100% authentic, because it comes from weathering my own defeats and prospering from my eventual success. What’s more, I will prepare you with my library of tried-and-tested methods and strategies and put you in touch with contacts that could help make your business & your life more successful.

These skills and contacts have been passed down to me from previous mentors and I now wish to pass them on to you. I’ve invested 9 years of my life into creating and building my own creative business empire in the worlds of music, dance, and coaching. I’ve also invested over £30,000 in every business course and guru I could get my hands on, and the research has paid off. If anyone knows how to apply all that business jargon to creative individuals and businesses, it’s me.

“You Harriette have been beyond supportive and your guidance is flawless. Nothing goes untouched nor unnoticed and your wisdom matches your passion for success.”

Lizzie Reid

Artist & Entrepreneur, Program2rd Perception

“Harriette is very smart, authentic, has some sort of personal energy device that she is not sharing with the world yet!!!! :)”

Sivaroshan Sahathevan

Yogi & Entrepreneur, The Two Doves

“You are so helpful and genuine. I really wouldn’t be able to put this business into reality. You’ve made me understand that there is help out there and I can do it.”

Roy Ellis

Music Producer & Entrepreneur, Slim Polar


Start asking your questions right away and remove the hurdles that have been in your way!

It took me six years of struggling with my own creative start-up, to finally be in a position where I could pay a mentor. A good business mentor or life coach generally costs at least £8,000. An amount which is, more often than not, completely unrealistic for individuals and young business owners. Especially for those people within the creative sector – bloggers, musicians, dancers, artists, solopreneurs, authors, graphic designers, photographers, creative freelancers.

As a mentor, I help my students and mentees to apply business & mindset strategies to their lives and skill sets so they can capitalise on their god-given and well-earned gifts.

I also teach soul strategies and offer lifestyle coaching to help you get over those self-worth barriers which so many musicians and creatives often face.

This is where my idea for the Ask Harriette MEMBERSHIP came in to play. Having struggled with my own success, I wanted to offer those creative freelancesrs, businesses & people a chance to access the mentoring that helped me find my success. This would undoubtedly have to involve a low cost option, in order to remove the elitist access from coaching & mentoring, and open the door to everyone who is ready to take that journey of self growth and self development.

This is what I am offering you today

A Mentor On Tap For Just £37 / Month

For £37 you will have the answer to every question you ever wanted answering. No more endless google searches, no luke warm answers from mediocre Facebook groups, no well-meaning, but inexperienced friends attempting to advise you, or eventually giving up on that particular idea because you didn’t know how to make it work…. just Ask Harriette.


Questions from any area of your business and career frustrations…


Get a response within a matter of hours (unless I’m sleeping) so you can maximise your efficiency.


Have someone to hold you accountable and keep you on track for success!


Start asking your questions right away and remove the hurdles that have been in your way!

Have you had any major breakthroughs or achievements since working with Harriette?

Countless. Each week brings new challenges and with that breakthroughs. Such as coming up with offline marketing that can get online through potential customer interaction. Also working out social media and who our target markets are and how to tap into them. Also a lot of insight into myself and how I work as a person and with others. Also I can now clearly see when i am just wasting my time procrastinating, so can check myself before i wreck myself!!
Ella Barnard

Artist & Entrepreneur, Program2ed Perception

Harriette is a great sounding board for any challenges that you are facing around business. She has learned from the bottom up and is really tuned into the demands of modern business (i.e social media trends & technology). 

 I wanted to work with someone who was authentic and passionate about their ‘personal mission’, as well as someone that has walked the walk in business. Harriette fits that bill. I appreciate her straight forwardness and ability to listen; she has helped me build the clarity I need for my entrepreneurial vision. 
Thank you Harriette.
Sivaroshan Sahathevan

Yogi & Entpreneur, The Two Doves

For £37 a month!

And what’s more…

 If you’re registered as self-employed, my mentoring is a tax deductible expense. That works out to be £444 LESS to pay in tax. When I put it like this, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

So there really is no reason for you to go at it alone. If you’re not convinced, come back in a few months. if you’re still in the same position as you are now, then go figure…

Watch The Video To See A Sneaky Peek Inside My Most Recent Online Course – Money Mindset!

Courses like these retail for around £2000… but not everyone has £2000 to throw at an online course, in fact most people I work with are just as time poor as they are cash poor! Let me help remove both of those limiting factors from your life. Ask the questions you need to ask and get immediate answers to help you move up the ladder, and create more time and money in your life!

What is your success worth to you?

*Video Disclaimer*

Video part of a much longer course. PDF wordbook referenced in the video is available as one of the downloadable resources from the members library once you join the Ask Harriette Club.
Note: 100% of course participants stayed on for Module 2 😉
I am a business owner that has had a branding and marketing company for 3 years, but have struggled to turn the profit I was looking for. I knew I needed help, but wasn’t sure who could help me and understand me as a creative Entrepreneur.
In walks Harriette and words can not express how much she’s changed the way I think about business, but also taught me strategies that I know will change my business. As a mentor, she has taught me, encouraged me, and held me accountable when I’ve felt overwhelmed and wanted to give up. She’s more than a mentor, she’s also someone I know I can ask anything and she can give me expert advice. I know my life would have looked the same years from now if I didn’t make the investment in my business by hiring Harriette. I’m forever grateful. 
TerDawn DeBoe

Artist & Entrepreneur, The Creative Entrepreneur Academy


Start asking your questions right away and remove the hurdles that have been in your way!

What Do You Get For £37 / month?

  • Access to online resource library, full of templates, videos, cheat sheets and much more. Updated regularly.
  • Access to private facebook group where you can ask questions, enjoy Harriette’s network, and meet fellow members.
  • Weekly mastermind coaching calls on mondays as a group where you can ask questions, bounce around ideas, or just listen in for inspiration.
  • Harriette’s direct line, email, whatsapp, facebook, twitter…. every means of communication possible so you can ask your questions.
  • An admin support team who can help you with tech headaches, legal issues, finance, social media, digital marketing, HR issues and much more!
  • Regular meet ups in london to network, meet like minded people, and up your social circle!

Brand new mini-course added to the members area every single month!

What Don’t You Get For £37 / month?

  • One to one personal mentoring time in person with Harriette. This is a premium service which is available seperately if you wish to apply.
  • access to the premium course content (although these courses will be available at a discount to members).
  • Membership is locked in for a minimum of twelve months.
  • Legal or financial representation. Please note Harriette is not FSA registered and acts as mentoring support not legal guidance.
When I moved to London 4 years ago, I had the feeling that things work differently here, having a beautiful voice and a talent is not enough, no one is going to knock to your door if you don’t know how to enlighten yourself.
I was looking for a mentor who could help me to find my strength points and work on my career developing my confidence and self esteem and, here we are, I found Miss Harriette Hale, gorgeous woman, brilliant singer and musician, a sparkling brain with an innate sense for business! Her energy, creativity, will power, really inspired me to push myself over my edges and to challenge my career with new goals! Harriette helped me a lot with my priority list, she built my website and she is always there for me, every time I need a suggestion or I have a new idea to develop, she is there, ready to help, as she really has a genuine interest to empower people and to create a better world!
Marta Capponi

Musician & Vocal Coach, Marta Capponi Music


Start asking your questions right away and remove the hurdles that have been in your way!

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