LOVE your money LOVE your mindset LOVE your business LOVE your brand LOVE your soul LOVE your service LOVE your LIGHT

Stop struggling! You were born to shine!


After 11 years in business, and 30 years in life, I KNOW what it takes to build a life and a business or career that feels fulfilled, easy, effortless, fun, abundant, and LIGHT.


And we all have goals right?

A goal to be happy?

To make more money? Especially to make money doing what we love?

To be more positive more of the time?

To stop our limiting beliefs and our fears holding us back?

To get fitter and healthier?

To meet our Soul Mate?

To really master this manifesting thing?

To get a better work life balance?

And sure, there’s an abundance of courses, programmes, coaches & masterminds out there that can help you achieve ALL of these things. 

But that’s exhausting! And frankly who has the time?

Wouldn’t it be easier to have access to all the support, help and resources you need all in one place?


AND at a fraction of the price?! 

An abundance of support, guidance & trainings for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers for less than the cost of your daily coffee… (plus you can cancel anytime(

The Doors Re-Open In:








This is for you if:

>>> You desire to up level all areas of your life (not just the ones you already have online courses for)

>>> You know somewhere inside of you there’s more to life than what you’re currently experiencing

>>> You want to explore new ways of thinking and understanding the world

>>> Desire clarity of purpose and direction

>>> Want the income to match your hearts desires so you can truly have #allthethings

>>> You’re tired of being on the hamster wheel and are no longer willing to ‘settle’

Start asking your questions right away and remove the hurdles that have been in your way!



With the Love Your Light Club, you get 24/7 access to high-vibe, mind-blowing, life-changing trainings, delivered ON DEMAND every single month, to an already HUGE and growing library of videos, trainings, resources, meditations & support

You get the full inside scoop on how I run my life, my various businesses, and the multi-million dollar brand which is Ask Harriette

This is truly an access all areas pass. Everything I know I’m sharing.

If you…

Want to know how I built the Ask Harriette brand up from zero to 7 figures in less than two years

Wonder how I did all that with only one part time member of staff

Need to know how I keep my Aura on point at all times

Want the tech knowledge, the spiritual knowledge, and everything else inside my brain

Want more from life: Time, Money & Freedom

Know that if I can do it, you can do it too (I’m just a musician remember)

Want to generate passive income streams so you have an epic work life balance

Find yourself intrigued by my Instagram stories (or is it just my cat you love?)

Guess that it’s meant to be way easier than what you’re currently experiencing

Are tired of subscribing to the hard way of doing things

Would love to have me in your life helping you and guiding you

Are ready to be your true self, and not the small version you play every day

Have no interest in doing it anyway apart from the way that makes you feel good

Want an access all areas pass to my life and business

Want answers to all your questions delivered on demand

Want to know how I do this epic life & business shiz all day every day

… then this is for you


” A lot of people have gone futher than they thought they could because someone else thought they could “

By Learning To Love Your Light You CAN:

Expand your thinking and break free of the conditioned mind where things seem impossible. In the Love Your Light Club, E V E R Y T H I N G is possible!

Update and upgrade your belief systems for instant expansion

Own your truth, master your truth, sell your truth, and LIVE your truth

Massively reduce fear and anxiety so you can become a quantum leaper!

Focus YOURSELF on achieving YOUR goals

Become equipped with the business skills & tools you need (if you need them) to get you LOVING your business and your brand

Create structure and methods to help you succeed in ALL AREAS of life & business

Create a mindset & identity that works for you & not against you

Tap into your next level spiritual awakening

Stay accountable and buddy up with fellow members so you stay on track

Leverage the incredible combined skill set of everyone in the network

Tap into 11 years of Harriette’s (that’s me) wisdom, experience, knowledge, and incredible intuition when it comes to nailing life and business.

Harriette is an extremely intelligent woman who has the ability to connect with everyone on a business and personal level. Every suggestion, piece of advice and knowledge she shares is catered to your individual business in incredible detail. Her ability goes above and beyond solving your first goal. Harriette improves your mindset towards your goal, comes up with solutions to achieve your goal, creates possibilities to extend your goals and gives you the personal freedom and responsibility to achieve these goals. She is constantly above and beyond! Program2ed Perception

Spray Paint Artist

I have finally created a way for you to access my knowledge, my coaching & my support WITHOUT a 5-figure price tag.

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you know, access to information, knowledge, and a GREAT support system is an invaluable asset in life and in business. 

Most people attempt to gain this sort of advice from books, classes and online courses.

Unlike generic courses though, the LYL Club focus is on YOUR business, YOUR life, YOUR mindset & YOUR agenda and YOUR questions. 

^^^ The Love Your Light Club features 4 main path ways of support: Money & Mindset, Business & Branding, Soul & Service, Resources & Coaching ^^^

Why Ask Harriette?

Because I’ve walked a mile in your shoes. In fact I walked nearly 9 years in your shoes until I finally got my shit together and did something about it. Two years after I did the things I actually needed to do… I made the mega bucks, bought the massive house, reduced my working hours (to like 12 hours a week), and now I’m living a life completely of my own design and I LOVE it!

I teach from experience, not from the textbook. What I can offer is 100% authentic, because it comes from actually doing the shit, wearing the tshirt and f*cking it up a gazillion times! And then getting it totally spot on… obviously! 

What’s more, I will prepare you with my library (it is legit a massive library) of tried-and-tested methods and strategies and put you in touch with what you need to help make your business & your life more successful.

These skills and strategies have been passed down to me from previous mentors and I now wish to pass them on to you. I’ve invested 11 years of my life into creating and building my own creative business empire in the worlds of music, dance, and coaching. I’ve also invested over £100,000 in every business course and guru I could get my hands on, and the research has paid off.

If anyone knows how to apply all that business, life & mindset jargon to regular people like us, it’s me.

Listen to what other members are saying!

“You Harriette have been beyond supportive and your guidance is flawless. Nothing goes untouched nor unnoticed and your wisdom matches your passion for success.” Lizzie Reid

Artist & Entrepreneur, Program2rd Perception

“Harriette is very smart, authentic, has some sort of personal energy device that she is not sharing with the world yet!!!! :)”

Sivaroshan Sahathevan

Yogi & Entrepreneur, The Two Doves

“You are so helpful and genuine. I really wouldn’t be able to put this business into reality. You’ve made me understand that there is help out there and I can do it.” Roy Ellis

Music Producer & Entrepreneur, Slim Polar

Start asking your questions right away and remove the hurdles that have been in your way!

The Love Your Light Club literally delivers EVERYTHING

As a Love-Your-Light-Member you get:

>>> Access to exclusive trainings from me

>>> Access to exclusive trainings from my team (the tech geniuses behind the brand)

>>> Access to recordings of my guided meditations

>>> Access to trainings you request ON DEMAND

>>> One group coaching call every single month

>>> Members only prices & discounts for all my other online courses & events

>>> Over 80 trainings, videos, audios, PDFs and guide books already on the dashboard

>>> An accountability buddy, known as your ‘Light Line’

>>> Online support from our epic Facebook group

>>> Access to the ‘Make Your Business Debut’ online course worth £2000

>>> Access to my globally sought after ‘Universal Laws’ class

>>> Bonus access to the Goddess Gift workshop replay

I also teach soul strategies, money mindset, spiritual ‘stuff’, and offer lifestyle coaching to help you get over those self-worth barriers which pretty much all of us have to face!

You DESERVE abundance. You have a right AND a responsibility to earn good money doing what you love, and being yourself. I will keep saying it until it starts to ring true for you. This shit is real!

This is where my idea for the LOVE YOUR LIGHT MEMBERSHIP came from.

My 1:1 coaching starts at £1111 per hour. My mastermind coaching starts at £7777, and the annual fee for working with me… £77,000.

So, obviously, I had to create something super accessible to help you get to a point where you CAN afford to invest in a 1:1 coach (whether it’s me or someone else) and it was the easiest decision in the world. I want to open the door to everyone who is ready to take that journey of self growth and self development.

As a member your access to support is CONTINUAL, UNLIMITED & ALWAYS EXPANDING !!!

This is what I am offering you today

Just £249 / Month


There are only 200 spaces available at this price!


For £249 you will have the answer to every question you ever wanted answering. No more endless google searches, no luke warm answers from mediocre Facebook groups, no well-meaning, but inexperienced friends attempting to advise you, or eventually giving up on that particular idea because you didn’t know how to make it work…. just Ask Harriette.


Once a month I host a live coaching call with you called ‘The Power Hour’ where you get to experience exactly the same type of coaching my high paying 1:1 clients get in a group setting.

I will coach you through your fears, blocks and limiting beliefs, answering all your practical and spiritual questions to get you accelerating towards your goals.


Questions from any area of your business, career, money, mindset, spirituality, realtionships and even general life shit!

We check in once a week to make sure you’re right on track and handle all your hiccups and frustrations! Plus we’ll celebrate your successes and stop you falling into sabotage central!


Partner up with a buddy inside the members club to hold you accountible for your goals & keep you on track for success!

Every month you will get the opportunity to access EVEN MORE trainings, meditations, downloads, resources, PDFs and videos. The Love Your Light Club is always up to date on the most relevant info so you’re never left behind.


Start asking your questions right away and remove the hurdles that have been in your way!

Harriette is completely the real deal.She has such an intuition, soul, and  heart for her work and the people she supports. I have seen lots of business coaches on the internet and Harriette just breaks the mold with her authenticity and genuine care and support. I would recommend her to all my friends and just feel so blessed to have her in my life!

Anne Bird

Life Coach, Anne Bird Coaching

The work I’ve done with you has been pure alchemy. It has allowed my soul to unfold and expand in ways I never expected. I am in awe!

Karma Daigle

In the most simple terms working with you has amplified abundance in every area of my life…personally, professionally, financially, and spiritually. Thank you! ❤️

Laura Muirhead

In just four months I am halfway of all the things we talked on our first call (and my standards were high), magic is real ?

Lily Gonzalez

In the first month you helped to open me up to what I really want my dream life to be and now are helping me formulate a steady plan to get me there. Working your money mindset system has been life changing for me and helping me get into the flow of abundance where everything comes to me with joy, ease and grace.

Rebecca Fabick

You have brought forth my internal light and allowed it to be seen, loved and nourished and I am eternally grateful!

Debbie Holden

Harriette is an inspiring business woman, entrepreneur and light being. She goes above and beyond to provide a personal and effective service which gets results … fast!

Nicky Burke

Dancer, Coach, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Inner Glow

I’ve only been working with you for a week or so but in that time, you’ve provided me reassurance that my goals are more than achievable. Through every interaction we’ve had, you’ve made it a point that I leave with more value than I came in with! So thank you ?

Rajbir Badh

You opened my eyes to everything I knew deep down but didn’t have the support to outwardly own. I’ve not only finally understood why I struggled with certain things I’ve been able to solve or lessen those struggles. Often people want an immediate change in their physical world and when they don’t get that are disappointed. But after only a month the internal changes are so extraordinary, I just know my life 6 months from now is going to be unrecognisable and I can not wait to meet that Mia xx

Mia Gahan

You helped me to understand that I was allowed to be just me.
You opened my eyes on the law of attraction.
You taught me everything I didn’t know about how to attract money ??

Forever grateful ?????

Sarah Edwards

Since January, you know how to work with the ego and mind that came with deep rooted beliefs around money and set it straight. You helped me to create a new set of beliefs that gave me the confidence to quit my part time job and do fulfilling work full time. That’s a pretty big deal if you ask me ?? i’m grateful to have you as it may have taken me longer otherwise ?

Sandy Vo

For £249 a month!

And what’s more…

 If you’re registered as self-employed, my mentoring is a tax deductible expense. That works out to be £2988 LESS to pay in tax. When I put it like this, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

So there really is no reason for you to go at it alone. If you’re not convinced, come back in a few months. if you’re still in the same position as you are now, then go figure…

“About Harriette’s work… it’s life changing”

Watch The Video To See A Sneaky Peek Inside My Most Recent Online Course – Money Mindset!

Courses like these retail for around £2000… but not everyone has £2000 to throw at an online course, in fact most people I work with are just as time poor as they are cash poor! Let me help remove both of those limiting factors from your life. Ask the questions you need to ask and get immediate answers to help you move up the ladder, and create more time and money in your life!

What is your success worth to you?

***P.s. the rest of this video series is available in the members club right now!!!

Working with Harriette Hale is like nothing else I have experienced. Finally, I have someone on my side, who is not afraid to challenge me, present alternative points of view or options, in order for me to succeed to my best. Her approach to coaching is completely unique. A blend of spiritual, emotional support blended with years of practical business experience and success. 

When you work with Harriette, you honestly feel like you are her only client. She is a constant source of support. Whenever I have needed help, assistance or advice she has made herself available immediately. She makes you feel like no request is ever too much and you can trust that she will have the answer, or seek it out quickly. 

Harriette has transformed my life in a multitude of ways. Yes, she has dramatically improved my financial situation, increasing my income, increasing my awareness of expenditure, so that I am now rewarded by my income. But, more importantly for me, she’s changed my emotional life and the relationships I hold most important. What were once strained, stressful and a source of constant worry, are now delights for me. 

I can guarantee that working with Harriette on your side will change your life. 

I would like to personally thank Harreitte for her continued work with me. Since I took you on as my coach, my life is unrecognisable to how it was before I met you, and all that I wanted to achieve I have. I am thrilled to continue working together on my recently revised goals, which are bigger and better than before, confident that you will assist me in reaching the next level in all areas of my life. 


Hannah Watson

Natural Fertility Expert, Hertfordshire Natural Fertility


Start asking your questions right away and remove the hurdles that have been in your way!

What Do You Get For £249 / month?

Access to online members area FULL of video trainings, resources, cheat sheets, downloads, ebooks, meditations, mini courses and so much more. Updated every month.

Access to private Facebook group where you can ask questions every week, enjoy Harriette’s network and meet fellow members.

Monthly mastermind coaching calls (The Power Hour) where you can benefit from high level coaching usually reserved for 1:1 clients only. This powerful coaching will help you overcome fears and limiting beliefs, remove blocks, and take practical actions to achieve your goals and desires.

Discounts on future online courses, programmes, retreats & masterminds.

Brand new trainings added to the members area every single month!



What Don’t You Get For £249 / month?

One to one personal coaching with Harriette. This is a premium service which is available seperately if you wish to apply.

Access to the premium course content (although these courses will be available at a discount to members).

Legal or financial representaion. Please note Harriette is not FSA registered and acts as mentoring support not legal guidance.

Email, text and phone support. This is reserved only for 1:1 clients and mastermind members.

When I moved to London 4 years ago, I had the feeling that things work differently here, having a beautiful voice and a talent is not enough, no one is going to knock to your door if you don’t know how to enlighten yourself.
I was looking for a mentor who could help me to find my strength points and work on my career developing my confidence and self esteem and, here we are, I found Miss Harriette Hale, gorgeous woman, brilliant singer and musician, a sparkling brain with an innate sense for business! Her energy, creativity, will power, really inspired me to push myself over my edges and to challenge my career with new goals! Harriette helped me a lot with my priority list, she built my website and she is always there for me, every time I need a suggestion or I have a new idea to develop, she is there, ready to help, as she really has a genuine interest to empower people and to create a better world!

Marta Capponi

Musician & Vocal Coach, Marta Capponi Music


Start asking your questions right away and remove the hurdles that have been in your way!

What do you think of all this? Here’s what you get so far (keep reading because you get to add whatever you want and need too):



The Perfect Day

Root Chakra

Connecting To Your Higher Self 

Akashic Records

Throat Chakra


Solar Plexus


The Money Book

Get Inspired Ebook

The 10k Book (as in how to make $10k in 10 days)

The PR Workbook

Email List Building Workbook 

Clearing Guilt from your Life Workbook

5 Steps to Overcoming Overwhelm Workbook

Introductory guide to Tantric Numerology

The Money Game Plans (templates and step-by-step processes for generating everything from 10k to 1.8million !! )

Using Crystals for Attracting Abundance Guide


List of Online Business Directories

List of Recommended Experts

Music Jam Nights in London List

Social Media Savvy Checklist

Guest Trainings:

The Deadly Consequences of Unforgiveness

Write a Better Website, from Copy Power

Joe Vitale’s Clearing Technique | Zero Limits | Ho’oponopono

How the Ego can Block Forgiveness

Oprah’s Life Class on Forgiveness

How to tap or use EFT in public

How to Deal with Information Overload from Denise Duffield Thomas

Sell Your Crap, Pay Your Debt, Do What you love

Why Do I Sabotage myself?

Stop Self Sabotage: How to Handle Your Upper Limit Problem

Being a Money Magnet with Brad Yates

How to live a first-class life guilt free from Denise Duffield Thomas

Ask Harriette Videos (directly from my mouth):

Understanding Light Consciousness

Full Moon Forgiveness Ceremony (you’ll need this for Nov 23rd)

The Complete Tech Masterclass (for launching your marketing funnel & programme)

The Gift Game (the shit hot way to do marketing funnels that work)

How to turn a Shit Show into a Glitter Storm

How to get yourself out a financial hole

The difference between the ego and the soul

How to be the best possible coach

How to push through your own resistance

Building Your Email List

Introduction to the Law of Attraction

Is the Juice worth the Squeeze? (How To Own Your Worth)

3 Things Standing Between You and your Money Flow

3 Things you didn’t know about you’re relationship with money

WordPress Training Using the Divi Theme

Seven steps to business success

11 elements you must include on your website

5 Steps to doing your own PR

How to Register as Self Employed

An Introduction to Branding

Email Marketing – an Unbiased Review

How to Use Mailchimp

Facebook Retargeting Adverts

Setting up a Facebook Advert Campaign

Facebook Pixels & Audience

Understanding the Facebook Business Dashboard

Setting Up Your Facebook Business Dashboard


Self Assessment Tax Working Template

Marketing Email Template for Music Teachers

PR Template


Complete Online Courses:

Make Your Business Debut (the complete guide to creating, setting up, and launching your profitable business, with how-to videos, even more templates, trainings, and audios)

The Complete Universal Laws Series (now including all 11 Universal Laws)

The Goddess Gift




As if that lot isn’t enough, here’s the best bit!

You can ask for ANYTHING you want in that members club and it will be listed for creation and development in the next few months.


The shiny new refurbished club now includes a buddy plan , known as the ‘Light Line’ so you can partner up with a fellow member to keep your accountability high!

And of course, we get to have our coaching time together once a month every month plus our weekly check in’s in the Facebook group!

Can’t say fairer than that can you?

So three questions for you:

1. What would you like to add to the list of epic-ness to help you on your journey to your goals?

2. How much is all this support and resources worth to you?

3. Have you joined yet? Because There’s Only 200 Spaces!

My love always

Harriette x


Start asking your questions right away and remove the hurdles that have been in your way!

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