Woop Woop!

You just made a serious power move!


It’s time to celebrate you!


Well apart from the fact you’re already bloody awesome …. you just made some magic happen. 

You found your soul frequency – Hell yeah! 

You took conscious decisive action 


You communicated with the universe that you are ready to #haveitall

Your subliminal meditation is on it’s way to your inbox right now (it can take approx 5 mins to arrive). If you don’t receive the email (thank you spam filters), please reach out to our team on support@askharriette.co.uk

Remember this is a subliminal meditation, not a guided meditation so you’re not supposed to hear my voice clearly!

Just pop it in on in the background as you get about your day to day life and let the frequencies and your subconscious do the work. It’s the fastest way to get your subconscious beliefs to catch up with, and match, your conscious desires!