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Ask Harriette ~ Certified Soul, Money & Mindset Coach


I’m Harriette.

High Priestess of Light, Consciousness Queen, The Leading Money Mindset Expert & Coach in Europe… and relentless in the pursuit of my own Soul Purpose… bringing the true meaning of Abundance back to Planet Earth!

Did you know you have a Right and a Responsibility to Abundance?

Did you know you were born to make a Conscious Contribution to this life you’ve arrived in?

Did you know that Spiritual Awakening is more than just hocus pocus?

Did you know that Abundance means Spiritual wealth AND Material wealth?

Did you know you can have it all? Actually… you HAVE to have it all.

My clients tell me they come for the money but they stay for the magic.

You might think you need help with your business, your mindset, your finances, your ‘service’ in the world… but what you actually get from me is SO MUCH MORE.

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Harriettes gift is being able to take complex subject matter around spirituality and consciousness and to articulate it simply and in ways that are applicable to you.

I initially came to Harriette for business and mindset coaching but have got something so much more profound – a complete up-levelling of my consciousness. I have reconnected to myself at a soul level and been able to become much more conscious and aware of what I want from my life. I know what I am here to do and unapologetically own it.

As I have uplevelled my consciousness so many areas of may life have improved – I have just had a month where I made £52,000, I am coaching at an unbelievable level, my intuition is through the roof and I am aligned and in flow with what I am doing. It has not been an easy thing to do and Harriette has pushed and supported me in equal measures. The world needs more people like Harriette.

Caroline Britton

Transformational & Intuitive Coach

Working with Harriette has opened me up in a way I wanted, but never seem to quite grasp! I feel for the first time, in a long time, I’m tapping into my feminine power while harnessing my masculine energy to produce real results. Harriette keeps pushing me to step into who I have always been and I am grateful!

Michelle Goodman

My Empowered Bliss

Harriette quite simply woke me up!

I was absolutely mesmerised listening to her interview on Chris Harder’s For the Love of Money podcast. It was when she described herself as a little bit spiritual, a little bit practical and a little bit tactical that I knew that I had to work with her.

This was what I was looking for in a coach. The quality of my life and business has gone to the next level!!

Christine Donnelly