Ask Harriette has opened up it’s entire teaching schedule for drop in classes!

For a one time fee, you can choose a specific call that interests you and receive the details to attend live.

Replays for these sessions will not be available, they are purely for you to drop in at your leisure when it serves you.

Replays, bonuses and additional access to materials are only available for those who are fully invested in each specific container.

Monthly School of Mastery Season Calls

Not a School of Mastery member but have a burning question you’d like Harriette or Mia’s perspective on?

Book on to the next Q&A session!

Monthly M.O.R.E Energy Body Healing Calls

Not a part of M.O.R.E but would lovvvve 30 minutes of reiki healing one afternoon?

Simply click on the session you’d like to come along to on the below schedule and you’ll be able to purchase a space.