Money Manifesting Bootcamp Training

Quantum Leap your way from a poverty mindset into an abundant one.

Wherever you are on the financial scale, we all desire more.. it’s simply human to desire more! Desiring more allows your Soul to move into an expansive state, and when we move into an expansive Soul state, we shift into joy, abundance, bliss, and all the high vibrational emotions we all crave.

 Manifesting money to fuel your desires and creative passions is now a widely accepted tool and more and more of use are using manifesting skills on a daily basis to create a life of our dreams.

Yay abundant life and all those wins!

But what if I was to tell you we can speed up your manifesting? We can quantum leap your attraction skills, and your vibration to a much higher level so you can manifest with even greater precision and power.

Quantum Leaping is something I’ve only ever shared with clients who pay me in excess of $10,000. I don’t even write about it in my book!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, to learn how to Quantum Leap your money story from wherever you are to wherever you decide to be.

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Expect doors to open, fires to be lit, magic to be made, and miracles to be received!?

If you’re relatively new to me, allow me to introduce myself!

I’m Harriette

I am the leading Money Mindset Expert in the UK, spiritual business & life coach, and a Priestess of Light

My purpose in this world is to lead the way for Light Consciousness and bring the true meaning of Abundance back to Planet Earth

In my eleven years in business I have served thousands of people all over the world, helping them to reconnect with their Soul destiny, find true abundance and joy in their lives, build profitable business, heal broken relationships, and establish powerful Identities and purpose in their lives, businesses and careers.

My work is built on the foundation of the Universal Laws, which immediately tells me this about you:

You are here because you have something incredible to offer the world

You are special, you are worthy, and you are more powerful than you can possibly imagine

My work is also built in the real world, where many of the people who are drawn to me initially come from a place of fear, uncertainty, insecurity, anxiety, confusion, and chaos. Some more so than others.

I’m here to help you create a more blissful life for yourself.

Because, frankly, you deserve it.

We don’t do the ‘pay bills and die’ illusion here. We do passion, we do purpose, and we do profit.

We also do a lot of spiritual stuff, mindset stuff, and practical strategy stuff.

I run an empire of companies. I’m a self-made millionaire. Completed a world speaking tour earlier this year. Releasing my book ‘The Knowing’ later this year. And plan to turn the 7-figure empire into an 8-figure empire in the very near future.

And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of my desires and the impact I want to create in our world before I leave.

I don’t say any of this to trigger you. I share this to show you what is possible for a regular person. (truth be told we’re all pretty regular until we embrace our true calling)

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make more money.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have more impact than what you create from your 9-5 cubicle.

There is nothing wrong with desiring to actually enjoy life with true freedom.

And there is absolutely definitely nothing wrong with you if you haven’t achieved all your goals ‘yet’.

You’re just getting started too.

One of the things that is very different about working with me as opposed to other coaches & healers is that I see the power in other people. Usually way before they can see it or even accept it themselves.

When my clients fly the ‘Ask Harriette nest’, their parting words are usually “how the hell did you know I could actually do this?” …  I usually smile that knowing smile and shrug because they know how I know, and they know my belief in them was 100% valid even in their weakest moments.

Which is how I know if you arrived here, it’s because you’re ready to step up into the next chapter of your life, and you’re ready to receive the support and tools you deserve to help you journey forward.

I understand energy at mind-blowing levels (seriously it even blows my mind sometimes and I’ve been working with this for years). I work with Source (Universe / God / Angels), and your individual energy matrix and programming.

I also work with practical human strategies because the answer to everything is not actually manifesting * eye roll * !!

I’m not just another business coach fresh out of an online coaching certification rolling out the same droll crap you see all over Facebook every day. Nor am I another preacher of the Law of flamin’ Attraction, because I am fully aware of its limitations!

So, following the recent powerhouse success of the Desire Decide Done Money Bootcamp, I decided to turn it into a brand new training series to help you achieve your desires in record time through my quantum leaping method.

If you desire to:

 Manifest a fast injection of cash

 Rescue a business launch to get it back on track

Call in a promotion or raise at work

Increase your confidence & belief in your own manifesting powers

Instil a new found confidence in yourself & Universe

Radically shift your beliefs around money, energy & how money works

Recognise & release the blocks that have been holding you back

Learn how to honour your desires

Raise your vibration to a point of unapologetic standing with the Big U

Reclaim your power in any and all aspects of your life

And anything else you desire to simply get done!

The Desire Decide Do Bootcamp Training Is for you!


>>> Video One: Moving Into Your Desire To Quantum Leap Your Money & Manifesting Goals (Valued at £297)

>>> Video Two: Creating The Necessary Decision To Quantum Leap Your Money & Manifesting Goals (Value £297)

>>> Video Three: Taking Inspired Action To Quantum Leap Your Money & Manifesting Goals (Value £297)

>>> BONUS: Law of Abundance Journal Prompts (£88)

>>>> BONUS: Solar Plexus Chakra Guided Healing & Meditation Track (priceless)

Each video:

✅Is approximately one hour

✅Contains the latest unfiltered sharing of my knowledge and proven strategies for quantum leaping the crap out of just about anything!

✅We talk spirituality, energy, manifesting, money, practical action steps, demolishing limiting beliefs, rising up to meet the vibration of your desires, not taking no for an answer, and is so high-vibe it’s contagious!

✅Every video has follow up homework to keep you accountable and in the energy.

✅Get instant lifetime access to this epic bundle, available exclusively online for the next few days only!

This Bootcamp is valued at:






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