Projector Priestess Packages

with Mia Burley 

After training as an Ask Harriette Certified coach, Mia was asked to become a permanent fixture of Team Ask H in October 2019, bringing her insane skill set with her. She then went on to train as a Priestess under Harriette and through this has stepped into her Human Design Projector essense – Mia can SEE blind spots and direct energy like no other!

From her background as a marketing consultant and copywriting skills known to have brought tears of joy to her clients, to practicing as a talented reiki healer and waving the intuitive wand of mindset magic, she’s the embodiment of a spiritual entrepreneur who knows how to bust through fears, break your self sabotaging cycles and help you become the best version of you. 

Mia works with clients both brand new to business, coaching you from idea through to your first paying clients, as well as established businesses who are struggling to break through to consistent income. 

With Mia’s coaching you will:

  ✔️ Access the support, guidance and transformations you need to turn that idea into a profitable business 

✔️ Learn how to confidently co-create the abundance you desire to experience 

✔️ Unleash your zone of genius and manifest your soul calling

✔️ Achieve your goals faster and with ease, grace and flow

✔️ Escape from the beliefs and mindsets that are holding you back from your vision 

✔️ Create and nurture a sense of self empowerment, allowing you to take action with confidence and certainty 

✔️ Create powerful strategies to take your business to your next level

✔️ Ascend to the level of service and impact you crave


Starting at £1111.

Please note – when you send a Telegram message, you may not receive an immediate response. Mia is available Monday-Friday between 10am and 6pm UK time. She will respond at the earliest opportunity within these boundaries.

Working with Mia 1-1 was one of the best decisions I made this year. Apart from working on my self-confidence and self-worth concerns We realised that I was using all my old stories to support those issues that weren’t really there anymore. In our last session we made a massive breakthrough to what was holding me back from completely stepping into my True purpose, which had me crying for a good part of the session.( I am NOT a Cryer). Working closely with Mia and building that trust in her allowed me the space to let my emotions out and to really start the healing process. If you are in any doubt, I cannot recommend working with Mia highly enough. If you want true transformation, A trusting arm around your shoulders or tough love when you are getting in your own way then DO IT. You won’t regret it. I can’t wait to start my next set of sessions.

Cherry May

Wiccan High Priestess, Guided By Cherry

Within less than 5 minutes of my first session with Mia, I had already shifted an old conditioned sticky money belief! She is that good!

Rachel Alyce

The Quarter Life Funk

When I first started working with Mia, I was at a point in my life where it felt like I had just run headfirst into an energetic wall. I was so insecure in my business, in my love life, in my body, and in myself. I had been soaring in confidence and joy and love prior to this, so I was so hurt and confused that I had reached this point again. Honestly, I felt broken. I felt betrayed and ready to give up on everything I had been working towards. But I knew that I was meant for more. I knew that I could be incredibly successful, and I was just steps away from a breakthrough. I just needed to get out of my own way.

 Mia saw me. She helped me clear all of the energy that was threatening to suffocate me. Mia truly helped me come back home to myself and there is no possible way I can put that feeling into words. By the end of our sessions, I felt light and full of joy. I felt like the version of myself I have always known I could be. 

 I was more confident in myself than I had ever been. I had the courage to not only claim what I wanted but to truly go for it. I am so certain of myself, my path, and my mission here on this earth. That alone has paid for this investment 1 million times over. I am forever grateful to Mia and to the version of me that had the courage to push past the fear of investment and just go for it. It was always worth it. Working with Mia was magic, and I deeply thank her and the Universe for crossing our paths.”

Sharlene Garcia

Life Coach

Working with Mia as been the best investment in my business this year. She has truly helped me to a new level. Holding the space, asking the right questions, helping me undercover the reason for upper limiting and heal the wounds. Mia is warm, caring and super sharp. She has helped me with my mindset, upper limits, strategy for growth and launch of my next level online course, energy and helped me see all the things I create from my high vibe.
If you’re looking for a coach be smart and sign up with Mia.
And Mia, thanks for the bottom of my heart.
Pernille Birkenfeldt

MoneySoul Coach

6 Days with Mia from


Daily telegram support using text, video & voice note. There are no “set times” for our conversations. We simply flow throughout the day in an effortless back-and-forth dialogue of coaching, digging, brainstorming, and up-levelling!

As a team we find this method far superior to the traditional one hour zoom calls. It’s faster, more potent, laser-focused, and far more results-driven. After trialing it for several months we were so blown away we’ve ditched zoom calls entirely (especially as Telegram has a video feature). 

Mia will:

Upgrade your mindset


Eliminate your fears

Map out your business strategy or career growth plan
Help you with your marketing and messaging


Teach you how to do abundance the Ask Harriette Way
Spot the leaks in your finances so you can plug them
Heal your relationships (with yourself, with your money and with the world)
Break your self sabotaging cycles


Become the best version of yourself

And much more!

Packages start at just £1111 and are tailored to your exact needs!

Just imagine what your life and business could look like with Mia’s help!

It’s decision time babe!

6 Days with Mia from


I believe everything and everyone comes into your life for a reason.

I wasn’t particularly looking for a coach when I stumbled upon Mia and Ask Harriette, but something drew me. I am sure it was the lure of more, more clients, abundance and money, I am like a magpie when it comes to attracting more. I joined with not really a clue about what to expect but what I do know is that what I have got is way more than I could have possibly hoped for or imagined.

Mia is a genius, for all of my coaching life I have looked for someone who could get to the core of the challenge, obstacle, energy or thought, just as I do with my clients and she certainly does that. I rock up to a call with no idea where it will take us and before I know it Mia has help me break through some crappy limiting belief that I didn’t even know was there.

 Her wealth of knowledge and experience is off the scale, she truly is an incredible coach. 

Michele Walsh

Transformational Success Coach