A time to embrace, rebirth, and bring forth your magical gift of Alchemy

The Live Classes have now ended. Replays are available to purchase below.

Week One


  • Mastering the Universal Law of Alchemy
  • Bearing witness to that which we CAN alchemise, and that which we can’t
  • Connecting to and recognising the true essence and source of your vibration in any given moment

Week Three


  • Mastering the vibration of your environment
  • Tapping in to your own frequency to activate the environment around you into this same frequency
  • Using the Universal Law of Morality to create boundaries for this powerful healing work

Week Two


  • Mastering the scale of energetic vibrations and emotions
  • Controlling and alchemising your own vibrations into higher frequencies
  • Calling on a vibration / emotion / frequency at will

Week Four


  • Mastering long distance alchemy and healing
  • Projection of your vibration and healing to another soul or souls
  • Using the Law of Expansion to enhance your healing gifts
  • Best practices for using Energy Alchemy and healing in every day life

Four live classes (replays available)

Four guided meditations

Facebook group support


Payment plan available (2 x £199)