Do you know you are meant for more in this life?

Do you feel like you’re not fulfilling the FULL potential of your Soul purpose?

Do you want to live a more Divine and spiritual life and make a shed load of money at the same time?

A brand new 12 month programme from Ask Harriette.

The ultimate Light tools and knowledge bundle you’ll ever need to truly master the Law of Abundance & Activate Your Light Consciousness so you can live an abundant and purposeful life.

Master The Law of Abundance

& Activate Your Light Consciousness

Module One

“How The Universe Works”

Get the most comprehensive introduction into how the Universe works. Nothing that you’ve ever read before in a book, or heard from another coach, because this knowledge is Divinely held only for those who are truly ready to step into Light, and a life of fulfillment, abundance & purpose.

Module Four

“Abundant Mindset”

Out with the old, in with the new. Time to shed the patriarchal conditioning of the last 2000 years and step into your Divine Feminine power, as a master manifestor, abundant alchemist, and power player in the realms of life, love & business. Develop an abundance mindset which effortless attracts to you all that you could ever desire.

Module Seven

“An Act Of Service”

Changing the world around you, and operating within the Laws of the Universe. Now with your new belief and operating systems, we adjust behaviours, decisions, actions, identities, and subsequent outcomes. Outcomes which invariably begin to change the world for the better.

Module Ten

“Soul Monadic Clients”

Taking conscious business one step further and attracting all those clients you were Destined to serve with ease and grace. No more hustle, no more stress, no more worrying where your next client or income is coming from. It has already been pre-destined so tap into that and cut the superfluous crap!

Module Two

“Your Light Tools”

Create your own mind blowing toolbox of ‘Light’ modelled from my own personal sacred practices; tools which will ensure you stay in a consistently high vibration of Light, abundance, joy, flow, ease & love. A sacred daily practice which instantly transforms your life.

Module Five

“Upgraded Belief Systems”

Time to discover the shadow self… all those parts of you you’ve surpressed for too long. All those parts of you which haven’t been truly loved, and all those parts of you which you’ve neglected and rejected. Connecting you to the Light Grids so you can witness first hand the power of your belief system, and then download version 2.0 to create a better you!

Module Eight

“Aligned Life”

Moving your light tools and abundant mindset into all areas of your life, including relationships, partnership, business, career, parenting, hobbies, commitments, obligations. Recognise what is aligned (and what isn’t so aligned) from the Light perspective and harness the tools necessary to ensure you stay in consistent alignement forever.

Module Eleven

“Purposeful Practice”

This module is all about presence! Become that unflappable grounded glowing woman you’ve followed in awe all your life and pedestaled as your role model. No need to stare in wonder any more… you ARE her!

Module Three

“The Spirit Team”

Taking intuition to the next level. Allow me to introduce you to your higher self, the Akashic Record halls (the easiest life & business plans you ever saw), your Spirit guides, the Archangels and even your ancestors! All those who guide & support you on this journey.

Module Six

“Your Universal Rights & Responsibilities”

Time to get real. You have all this power, knowledge and access. But what to do with it? Time to understand and crystallise your life purpose & soul path, using tools you will be able to use with your own clients, friends & family. What do you have a right to and what are you responsible for? An eye-opening month that will catapult you into new realms of possibility.

Module Nine

“Conscious Business”

Ready to make money using all your Spiritual sass? If you’re not already merging your new super powers into your existing business / career, then this week we look at how consciousness can expand your income exponentially and generate additional effortless income streams, simply by being you!

Module Twelve

“Receive Into Growth & Expansion”

The work doesn’t stop here. This journey is a lifetime one. In this final module I share with you how to harness all that you’ve received in the last 12 months and reinvest it to ensure even more exponential growth and abundance. Each year you grow with even more passion & purpose, and of course…. abundance & light.

You Are Who The World Has Been Waiting On!

Over the next 12 months experience the power of the TRUE convergeance of spiritual and material wealth.


You are not truly wealthy until you have spiritual AND material abundance. This is a truth recognised by all Divinity.

I am so forever grateful to have discovered you! Thank you a million times over! Rereading the slides is really helpful to solidify my understanding and reminds me of that magical evening on tour in Melbourne. So glad the penny has dropped and I have 100% surrendered to the universe! The trust is real and I’m so excited to be alive. I have gone through some similar experiences in my life as you; the lowest of lows many times I’ve tried to end things. But I truly believe I’m here for a big reason. This is the biggest investment in myself ($100/week) when I’m not in any position to afford it, but to be part of your light course and I couldn’t be more happy about it! And I know it’ll all come round! 


Forensic Healing Practitioner

Plus all the bonuses!!

Worth almost £6000 by themselves!!!

The programme also comes with a huge list of bonuses including…

Energy Alchemy Masterclass

VALUE: £333 (yours for free)


  • Mastering the Universal Law of Alchemy
  • Bearing witness to that which we CAN alchemise, and that which we can’t
  • Connecting to and recognising the true essence and source of your vibration in any given moment
  • Mastering the scale of energetic vibrations and emotions
  • Controlling and alchemising your own vibrations into higher frequencies
  • Calling on a vibration / emotion / frequency at will
  • Mastering the vibration of your environment
  • Tapping in to your own frequency to activate the environment around you into this same frequency
  • Using the Universal Law of Morality to create boundaries for this powerful healing work
  • Mastering long distance alchemy and healing
  • Projection of your vibration and healing to another soul or souls
  • Using the Law of Expansion to enhance your healing gifts
  • Best practices for using Energy Alchemy and healing in every day life


VALUE: £5500+ (yours for free)

  • 12 live Q&A’s with me as your spiritual life business & mindset coach
  • Your own Law of Abundance & Light Consciousness Workbook
  • 12 months free access to my members club
  • My decluttering checklist
  • The money mindset affirmations that I use every single day
  • My “Perfect Day” meditation

The Universal Laws Class

Understanding the Universal Laws allows you to manifest and manipulate your life in ways that create exponential success

The Universal Laws are like Kryptonite (any Super man fans here?)

These Laws are also completely unwritten and only accessible from the Akashic Record Halls, unless of course you happen to stumble upon a class with someone who does have access… and then of course you can write them down for yourself!

The Laws are Universal and can be interpreted and applied in any way you wish.

How It Works!!

This course is held completely online! 

The 12 teaching modules have been recorded for you in a series of bite-sized videos so you can work through the content at your own pace.

You have completely unlimited replays, and can access this system again & again & again.

You will see shifts in your life & your mindset straight away, and each time you re-programme your mind with these lessons, the easier it becomes to manifest abundance, access spiritual wealth & whatever else you desire.

Module One opens for you on 16th April 2018

Each of the following modules will be released into your members area every month for the following 11 months.

The LIVE group coaching calls will be scheduled mid-month every month. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, the calls will be recorded & uploaded to your members area after the event.

These are your trainings, systems, and bonuses for life. You will always have access to this members area.

Please check your email after you have signed up!

If you have any questions email

The Law Of Abundance & Light Consciousness Programme

Are you ready for the next step in your life? A total mindset UPGRADE!

A life of abundance and financial freedom. A new way of seeing the world.

An operating system which pulls you into your Soul purpose with effortless ease, grace & flow!

To live and breathe as the Universe intended you to be. Powerful. Abundant. LOVED.

Adopt the true convergeance of spiritual & material wealth:

Welcome to your Light Consciousness!

Hi Harriette, 

I haven’t messaged you since the event last week, but OMG, thank you so much for showing up for us in Atlanta and for teaching us all the things you taught. 

I’m still kind of soaking it all in, but it’s already been really helpful. Soaking in my gift 7 of being able to connect to source so easily, starting to learn more about the six… and looking myself in the mirror and telling myself my identity statement multiple times per day. 

I know you hear the words “thank you” a lot… but seriously, thank you

I signed up for your Light Consciousness year-long course, and am really excited about it. I’ve already started with the first lesson of Energy Alchemy, and am really loving that little pink bubble inside my heart.


Copy Power

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