Meet Harriette

Leading Consciousness Coach & High Priestess of Light

Meet Harriette

Leading Consciousness Coach & High Priestess of Light

We came in broke. Spiritually broke, that is. The journey to more starts with an investigation. One that allows you to discover your true thoughts, beliefs and desires independent from the ones you’ve been programmed with, that keep you from true spiritual and material abundance. 

For me, this started with a betrayal, a suicide attempt and a kundalini yoga class. Which together created the blueprint for the birth of the Million Dollar Priestess I’ve become known as.

If you want to hear this story in full, you can find it on one of the many public interviews I’ve given over the years, but really, the only thing you need to know & understand about me is why I am here:

To bring the true meaning of


back to Planet Earth.

The rest is about you, realising that as you look in my eyes, read my words and feel my spirit, you recognise the light that’s trying to shine through you. 

Recognising that everything you see in me – the healer, the teacher, the mother, the mentor, the best friend, the guide, the seer, the oracle, the mirror, the light, the shadow, the reality check, and the ultimate success story – is everything that exists within you.

 As I share my life’s lessons, you see that it is yours that are the key to your own success. As I share my authentic self, you see that it is your authentic self that is the key to abundance. As I share my sacred humanity, you see that it is you, in your human experience, that is the key to

Let my energy heal you, inspire you, guide you. But most importantly, let it SHOW you yourself. Let it translate the language you’ve been struggling to understand, let it be the map that leads to the absolution of all you desire and know is yours. 

In 2012, as I stood at the edge of the bridge I thought would end my time here, I’d forgotten my desires… 

Changing the world and being recognised for my soul’s worth & work felt impossible.

The idea of a legacy felt laughable.

More of anything other than darkness seemed illogical. 

Awakening, inspiring, educating and guiding people seemed ludicrous. 

But, my Soul had other plans, and as an anonymous tip to the emergency services served as my rescue on that bridge, I began the journey back to Source. I looked in the mirror, and I saw that by choosing grace, flow and living in the moment, I could shift my consciousness to live outside of the matrix. Where everything happens for my greatest, highest good. I saw my true purpose, and I chose to act on it, creating abundance in all areas of my life. 

Your Soul is calling you back to your desires. As you look in my eyes, read my words and feel my spirit… answer the call. Obeying your Soul is your first lesson here in Ask Harriette land.

Harriette opened my eyes to everything I knew deep down but didn’t have the support to outwardly own. I’ve not only finally understood why I struggled with certain things I’ve been able to solve or lessen those struggles.

Often people want an immediate change in their physical world and when they don’t get that are disappointed. But after only a month the internal changes are so extraordinary, I just know my life 6 months from now is going to be unrecognisable and I can not wait to meet that Mia.

Mia Louise

Spiritual Empowerment & Money Mindset Coach

I am so grateful to have stumbled upon Harriette just a couple of weeks ago! I just watched the second video of the Desire Decide Done Bootcamp.

Your talk about worthiness was so spot on and moving (had tears in my eyes toward the end!) It’s everything I’ve been feeling lately, so I know the universe lead me to you to solidify my belief.

That I am on the right path and I will make a difference with my story.

Megan Kortemeier