As a fully fledged Taurean woman and mistress of the Moon, I felt really compelled to share with you how extra special today’s New Moon is.

When you think Taurus, you think money, luxury, material wealth, indulgence, bullish tendencies, perhaps a little bit stubborn (but in a good way), and sometimes lazy (but always in a good way, because Netflix and Epsom salt baths… need I say more?!).

So on this Taurus New Moon, I invite you to embrace your inner Taurus (we all have Taurus in our chart somewhere), and truly embody what it means to be a lady of leisure, a money manifesting maverick, stubborn in the pursuit of your dreams, and lazy enough to truly master the fine art of SURRENDERING!

Before we make our New Moon Wishes, first take these steps to get you into that Taurean frame of mind and state of being:

1. Get clarity around your finances

Ok let’s deal with the money stuff here. Time to have a financial clear out and clean up. Check in with your income and expenses so you have a much clearer picture about what is coming and what is going out. Are there are any money leaks anywhere which can be tidied up? Direct debits leaving your account which aren’t serving your highest greatest good? What about any outstanding monies owed to you or owed by you? Taureans are very proud when it comes to money, we love a positive relationship with money, and the clearer we are about our finances, the more clarity we can have around our financial manifesting.

2. Increase your net worth with your self worth

Indulge a little self love. Look in the mirror and tell yourself all the things you love about yourself whilst looking yourself dead in the eye. Might sound easy but it’s harder than you might think at first. You can’t break eye contact with yourself. Also, make a commitment to yourself this moon cycle to constantly ask yourself this question, “what’s the most loving thing I can do for myself in this scenario / situation / experience?”. Your self worth is intrinsically connected to your net worth so don’t be afraid to give yourself a little self love boost every now and again. When you feel good, your money feels good, and when you’ve got high energy vibes, the manifesting happens with effortless ease, grace, and flow.

3. Indulge

Time to indulge Taurus style! Once you’ve completed your New Moon Manifesting (as per the guidelines below), kick back with a glass of fine red wine or champagne, slip on a little something sexy and comfortable, treat yourself to your favourite sweet or dessert, and revel in a good book or a great movie; perhaps even soak in a candle lit bubble bath. Whatever you indulge in, make sure it’s far more luxurious than normal and remember that this indulgence is a crucial part of the ‘surrender’ process detailed below, so no guilt here please, just Taurus style luxury!

4. Check in with your Taurus tendencies

Ok so Taureans can be a stubborn and lazy at times so use this Taurus New Moon to take a personality MOT and ask yourself if there’s any areas of your life in which you’re being TOO stubborn or TOO lazy. A little bit of either is fine, but too much can throw us out of alignment, and when we’re out of alignment, we don’t manifest anything other than a bad mood. I hate to say it fellow Taurus’, but this might be a part of the New Moon process you really don’t want to do, but we are more prone to stubbornness and laziness than the other signs, so be honest with yourself. If there’s anything you want to improve about yourself then make sure you add it to your New Moon wishlist and take the necessary action to move forward with this goal.

5. Stick at it (bull style)

Over the course of the next 14 days as we wax into the Full Moon, you might feel frustrated or disheartened, especially if some of your wishes aren’t proving to manifest quickly enough. Don’t lose hope, this is where the Taurus power will really serve you. The bull is very good at persevering, so make perseverance one of your mantras for this month. It’s OK to keep wishing and re-wishing as the Moon grows into her full power, just make sure you stick at it.

The Wishing Process

Top tip before you begin: Wish for what you DO what, don’t focus on what you DON’T want

  1. Write down your top ten wishes for this moon cycle
  2. Grade your wishes out of 10 on how likely you think they are to come true, with 10 being very likely and 1 being not likely at all
  3. For those wishes with low luck grades, ask yourself what limiting belief is operating here to stop you from manifesting your wish into tangible form
  4. On a separate piece of paper, write out all your limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. One by one cross out these limiting beliefs and replace them with a more positive and empowering belief, one that will actually help you to achieve your wish
  5. Re-look at your wish list and spend a few minutes on each visualising what that looks and feels like. It’s really important to get into the energy of feeling your wishes with your emotions; don’t be scared to shed a tear of joy and leave the energy of your manifestation consume your body
  6. Finally take your pieces of paper and surrender them to the Universe, either by burning (safely of course), burying them in your garden, or placing under a crystal or in a sacred place for the moon to work her magic

And now, don’t forget to SURRENDER and relax into an evening of indulgence and bliss.

On May 24th, check back in with me to prepare yourself for FULL MOON manifesting. I will be hosting a free webinar to guide you through this process so keep an eye on my Social Media’s and email list.

Here’s to your New Moon Wishes. May they all come true and exceed your expectations and wildest dreams.

All my love

Harriette xxx