I need you

And here’s why

Last weekend I was in Glastonbury on a course as part of my spiritual training and journey and the reality of what needs to be done to save the world hit me like a ton of bricks.

The magnitude of the problem this world faces is terrifying.

And ‘saving’ the world might initially sound way overdramatic and super-hero-esque, not to mention ridiculous, and arrogant, BUT, let me point out the freaking obvious truth:


Yeah. Really that simple. Really that easy.

But here’s the catch.

Being a good person isn’t enough to save the world, AND make money doing what you love, AND leave a legacy behind that people will remember you for.

To fulfil your life path and soul destiny, you need to find, own, embrace and USE your power.

Powers that were bestowed on you by the Universe at the moment of your birth.

Powers that too many people have completely forgotten they even have.

Powers that you likely use all the time but aren’t acknowledging them for what they are:

LIFE – TRANSFORMING gifts, skills, talents & attributes.

I want you to use these gifts to make change in the world.

Actually scrap that.

I NEED you to use these gifts to make change in the world.

And I’m doing everything I can to inspire, activate, educate, and uplift as many people as possible. And I know plenty of other coaches, teachers, doctors, artists, authors, speakers and even mothers are doing the same thing.

But there’s not enough of us, and not every one of us is delivering at full power.

If you’re reading this email it’s because you already ARE one of us, only perhaps you haven’t yet realised it.

This is why I’m teaching The Universal Laws tomorrow, live at lunchtime, so I can help as many of you as possible connect to the power of the Universe, so you can connect to your own power, so you can make credible, real change in the world.

So you can make an impact doing good things, whether that be your music, your art, your teaching / coaching, healing, performing, guiding, writing… whatever it is… super charge it by using the Universal Laws, and don’t just make an impact, make a HUGE FRICKING IMPACT!!!

Are you with me?

Will you help me do this work?

Will you be a part of this transformational time for humanity?

The next generation needs us to carve this path for them. Make sure you’re equipped with the skills and knowledge you need OK?


See you tomorrow for class one!

With love

Harriette x

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