Marketing Templates for Music Teachers


Welcome Email:

Subj: *insert instrument* Lessons For *insert name*

Subj: *insert name*, Are You Still Looking To Learn The *insert instrument* ?

Subj: *insert name*, Can I Help You Become A *insert instrument* Master?


Subj: Singing Lessons For Bob

Subj: Anna, Are You Still Looking To Learn The Guitar?

Subj: Beth, Can I Help You Become A Trumpet Master?

Emojis (unfortunately) work really well in email subject headers. It has been proven that psychologically we are more likely to match the emotion/expression of the emoji when reading the email if the idea has already been presented to us that said emoji is the likely emotional outcome of the email content. Use wisely!

Body Text:

Hi *insert name*

Thank you so much for getting in touch with me

I’m really looking forward to helping you develop your technique, ability, strength and passion for *insert instrument*

I’d love to learn more about you before we schedule our first lesson together. How long have you been playing? Do you have any particular goals you would like me to help you achieve? What’s your schedule and availability like so I can match mine to yours?

If it helps you can fill in a quick ‘Get To Know You’ form here 🙂 [insert link to Google Forms if you have one]

I usually teach on *insert days and times*. Check my online availability calendar here for exact details [insert link to online calendar].

My fees are as follows *insert fees*, payable in advance, and I operate a strict 72 hour cancellation policy. A copy of my teaching contract can be viewed and signed here [insert link to Google Docs / Adobe PDF e-sign form if you have one].

Formalities aside, let’s make some music! 🙂

Look forward to getting started. If you need to reach me directly please contact me on *insert mobile number* or *insert email*. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook [insert links as appropriate] for music updates and daily support via my website/blog.

All the best

*Insert Your Name*

*Insert Your Company Name*

*Insert Website Address*

Marketing Templates for Music Teachers


Guide Notes:

This is a welcome email to set up in your email autoresponder when someone subscribes to your ‘Music Teaching / Students’ email list. You can trigger subscription to a list via any number of third party API apps that work with Mailchimp (if that’s your preferred email autoresponder) or Zapier (a tool which facilities the synchronisation of most business and marketing softwares).

22 example places to place your sign up list / information request form:

  • Email signup tab on your Facebook business page
  • Link in the ‘About’ section on your Facebook page
  • Facebook post
  • Pinned Facebook post
  • Twitter post
  • Pinned Twitter post
  • Link in Twitter bio
  • Link in Instagram bio
  • Link in Pinterest bio
  • Link trackable Pinterest post
  • Link trackable Twitter post
  • Website home page pop up
  • Website footer
  • Website side bar
  • Wufoo information collection / survey form
  • Facebook advert
  • YouTube advert
  • Pinterest advert
  • Twitter advert or lead form
  • Email footer
  • End of each blog post
  • Use cover photos of all social media platforms to showcase opt-in to mailing list in exchange for free information / advice / similar value offering

Recommended tools for automating your customer acquisition and hospitality strategy:

  • Use Mailchimp as your email autoresponder
  • Set up different lists for your different demographics, e.g. students, fans, peers etc
  • Use a different automation chain for each list, tailored to the demographic
  • Use Zapier to trigger sign ups to the list within having to use a direct Mailchimp 2-part opt in.
  • Facebook lead ads can be linked direct to your Mailchimp using Zapier, as can Wufoo forms, online calendar tools such as Timely and Acuity and online payment softwares such as Stripe and Braintree.
  • Use Google Apps such as Docs and Forms are great ways of keeping student related paperwork all in one convenient place (which you don’t need to spend the time to fill in).
  • Email autoresponders in the ‘Welcome Series’ should ideally include 2 or 3 emails. See other templates for ideas or ask me!