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Life + business coach, Author and Speaker

Work With Me!

Life + business coach, Author and Speaker

1:1 Life & Business Coaching with Harriette Jackson

The quest for a coach who can deliver it ALL ends right here. With 16 years in business building multiple 6 & 7 figure companies for both herself AND her clients, all whilst living the self made millionaire lifestyle with her husband, son & daughter, Harriette is the epitome of a successful serial entrepreneur. And she has a burning desire to mentor you to create your personal version of true and lasting wealth!

Starting at $1777

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Please note all 1:1 coaching with Harriette takes place on Telegram. We have found this revolutionary strategy to be a game-changer for our clients.

Telegram is a messaging platform which facilitates video, voice note, and text messaging. Coaching with Harriette is booked by the day, not by the hour. Harriette and her clients chat back and forth ALL day in an effortless flow of ideas, brainstorming, energetic shifting & uplevelling which results in laser-focused, potent, and highly transformational outcomes. We’ve found this method to be far superior to zoom, and for more effective for client results.

Many of the women we work with are busy juggling multiple businesses / jobs / roles, revenue streams, children, and life demands, so coaching in this way fits AROUND your life rather than demanding you take your energy away from all the plates you’re already spinning.

My 1-1 packages aren’t just about mentoring. I don’t see it as you simply paying for access to my skill set and my experience. That immediately evokes a sense of hierarchy, and l’m not about creating a dynamic which encourages you to put me on a pedestal. There’s too much of that going on in this arena we call coaching.

I see my mentorship like I see any important relationship in my life. Deep, intimate, committed, timeless. When it’s based on equality, mutual respect, trust and a desire to see that person in their purest expression, a relationship becomes one of the most valuable tools for growth and expansion. A space in which power meets potential and dreams come to life.

You do not simply pay to access my skill set and my experience, they’re just convenient bonuses, your investment enters us into a partnership in which I commit my resources to your highest potential.

With all that being said, please allow me to introduce you to my brand new 1:1 packages, designed to deepen our relationship and deliver coaching & mentorship based on YOUR needs!

1 Month 1:1 Telegram Coaching 🔥

With access to my whole team + The Signature Suite!

^^^ this is for the client who wants to go all in to a full blown commitment of daily deep conversations, daily support, not just from me but from the WHOLE TEAM, daily guidance, daily sound boarding, daily all the things. This is the one where we do life together every damn day (technically 3 days a week, total 13 sessions a month)! And it also includes access to every class and course in The Signature Suite! 

$8888/mo rolling 

5 Day Telegram Intensive 🚀

Deep dive audit, intensive, reset + coaching with the whole team!

Exactly as it was before and does exactly what it says on the tin. These are exceptionally powerful and potent. We go deep for 5 days and dive into as many areas as we possibly can in our time together. They’re called intensives for a reason. They’re intense!! But it’s a great way to get to the root of something quickly and IF you want to take our relationship further you’re welcome to, and if you don’t…. It’s no strings attached!!

$4444 one off payment.

I typically spend anywhere between 2 and 3 hours per DAY with my clients over the course of the day flying back and forth on all the things from mindset to strategy & brand, to offer creation, biz structure, hiring team members, support with clients & customers, life stuff, relationships, health… EVERYTHING!

90 Minute Telegram Intensive 💚

Plus 3 days telegram follow up for Q&A!

Perfect to connect with me for readings. If you’re looking for a Numerology reading or Liberation Map reading, this is for you! (Not suitable for indepth coaching, for this please see the above options) If you’d like to have your session on zoom please enquire at

One time payment of $1777

The value of these packages are insane. The foundation of all my client relationships is exactly that… a RELATIONSHIP. I’m fully in it with you, at whatever commitment level feels good for you, however intimately you desire to be supported. Please Dm me on Instagram or Telegram if you want to chat to me about which option is best for you!